gwm 1.7o (beta 3) binaries uploaded to tsx-11

gwm 1.7o (beta 3) binaries uploaded to tsx-11

Post by Just GNU i » Mon, 12 Jul 1993 04:11:06

I have uploaded binary versions of gwm version 1.7o (beta 3) to You can find them in /pub/Linux/binaries/usr.bin/X11
as gwm.tar.gz. I included both dynamically and statically linked versions
for those who may not have the most current libs. This is really just
a replacement for the old binaries, which were extremely out of date and
dependent on shared libraries that are almost imposible to find anymore.

Note that this distribution contains the binaries *ONLY*. You *MUST* obtain
the source code distribution in order to obtain the documentation and
configuration files. I didn't include them due to the fact that I am running
the minix filesystem and some of the config files have names that are more than
14 characters long: there is no easy way for me to extract them from the source
distribution and package them with the binaries.

The README from the distribution follows. Share and enjoy!

-Bill Paul

This is a binary distribution of gwm version 1.7o (beta 3) for Linux. The
sources for gwm can be found on in /contrib/gwm. This
particular version of gwm appears to compile out of the box (with a minor tweak
to the makefiles), but I am providing these binaries for those who don't have
the resources to build it themselves. The included files are:

README.gwm   (this file)
gwm.dynamic   (dynamically linked executable)
gwm.static   (statically linked executable)  


Please note that you will have to optain the source
distribution of gwm in order to use it since gwm requires them to be installed
before it will work correctly. You'll also need it for the documentation. I am
not providing the config files with this distribution because I still use the
minix filesystem and some of the config file names are longer than 14
characters: there is no easy way for me to extract them from the source
distribution and repackage them here without the names being truncated. Sorry,
but dems da breaks.  

I compiled these binaries using the following software:

Linux version 0.99.11 (alpha)
gcc 2.4.3  

I am including two versions of the binary: one dynamically linked and one
static. The dynamic version is linked against libraries listed above and
requires that you have them installed as well in order to run it. Note that will probably still work, but I'm not sure about libc. The static
version is larger than the dynamic version but it will work regardless of what
libraries you have installed. I'm including it just in case there's some
incompatibility with older libs that I've overlooked.  

Note that these binaries expect to find their config files in /usr/lib/X11/gwm.
This can be overridden with a command line option if desired.  

Here's a few quick tips in case you want to build gwm 1.7o yourself:  

1) There are really two things to compile: the gwm objects and libXpm.a.
    You can use xmkmf to generate the Makefiles, but be *sure* that -DSYSV
    is in the CCOPTIONS (or CFLAGS) of both. I got a version build without
    this flag, but it was somewhat brain damaged and tended to make my    
    X server crash. Also check the SRCS and OBJS lines in the gwm Makefile
    and remove any extra newlines embedded in the .c and .o file listings.
    GNU make doesn't seem to like them.  

2) Unlike previous versions of gwm, this version include a lex module that  
   is compatible with flex (wool.flex). No tweaking is required.  

Well, that's it. Copy the appropriate binary to /usr/bin/X11 and set up the
configuration files, and you're ready to go. Please note that I am not the
author of gwm so I can't answer any questions about it. The author's name and
e-mail address are listed prominently in the source code: bother him if you
have questions. If you have a question about compiling gwm for Linux, however,
I'd be more than happy to assist you.

Share and enjoy!

-Bill Paul