jstools 4.2/4.5 - WYSIWYG HTML/PostScript-editor, and more

jstools 4.2/4.5 - WYSIWYG HTML/PostScript-editor, and more

Post by Jay Seko » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I've made a new release, version 4.2/4.5, of the jstools distribution.
jstools is a suite of applications, and some libraries they share.
The most interesting application is multi-mode editor with support
for WYSIWYG generation of HTML and PostScript, among other goodies.
There are also a number of small graphical utilities intended to be used
from within shell scripts or window-manager configuration files.

The libraries are intended to be general-purpose, so the distribution
may be of interest to Tcl and/or Tk programmers as well as people
who want to use the applications.

This release is a quick-and-dirty release intended to get a few bug
fixes and new features out.  I haven't been terribly thorough about
making sure the documentation is updated.

This release runs under Tk 4.1 and Tk 8.0a2, and may run with limited
functionality under Tk 3.6, but it has been most extensively tested under
Tk 4.2.  (A couple of features related to rich text are missing under
Tk 4.1 as well.)  Future releases are likely to require at least Tk 4.2.
I hope to start supporting Macs and PCs at some point, too.

One significant user-visible change in jedit is that the Find panel now
searches in whichever window you've been typing in most recently; this
is more intuitive, and makes the Find panel useful even if you've closed
the window you started it from.  jedit now also takes -width and -height
command-line options (useful for e.g. `jedit -width 132 largetable.txt').
Also, HTML generated by jedit now supports document-internal anchors.

More information about jstools is at http://www.aq.org/~js/js-jstools.html .

I've uploaded the distribution to
ftp://ftp.neosoft.com/tcl/sorted/misc/jstools-tk4.2v4.5/ (and
http://www.neosoft.com/tcl/sorted/misc/jstools-tk4.2v4.5/ ).  You can
also get it from ftp://ftp.shore.net/members/js/jstools-tk4.2v4.4.tar.gz .

(The French and Portuguese support hasn't been updated since version
4.1/4.2, so there may be some quirks if you're not using English,
especially in preferences panels.)

Applications included with the distribution are:
  jabbrevs - an abbreviation manager (used by jedit)
  jdoc - a documentation viewer
  jedit - an multi-mode, multi-window text editor
  jmore - a file viewer, essentially a graphical analogue to more(1)
  jprefs - a tool to set preferences shared by the jstools applications

Shell Utilities
  jalert - display an alert panel
  jcolname - prompt for a colour name
  jcolrgb - prompt for a colour by RGB values
  jconfirm - ask user for confirmation
  jfs - allow user to select a file
  jprompt - ask user to supply a string

There are also some unsupported applications and demos, including
an address-book application.

Hope people find this useful.

Jay Sekora

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`A language that doesn't have everything is actually easier to program
in than some that do.' - Dennis M. Ritchie

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