ANNOUNCE: GNU Smalltalk1.1.1 available for FTP

ANNOUNCE: GNU Smalltalk1.1.1 available for FTP

Post by Mark Bu » Thu, 18 Feb 1993 01:23:29

I have placed a binary distribution of GNU Smalltalk version 1.1.1 onto in directory /pub/linux/smalltalk.

The file mst.taz is a compressed tar file and mst.tpz (to use the extension
we have come to know) is a gzipped tar file.  They both contain the same
contents, though the .tpz one is much smaller so is likely to be prefered
for transfering.

These files will unpack into a `mst' subdirectory of wherever you are at the
time of unpacking.  In there you will find a README and a Makefile.  The
README contains instructions about how to install the stuff onto you
system.  None of the filenames are longer than 14 characters so you
shouldn't have any problems no matter what filesystem you are using.

The Makefile defaults to unpack the support stuff into a directory called
/usr/local/mst111 and the binary as /usr/local/bin/mst.  Feel free to change
these, but refer to the README before you do...  The README also contains
instructions about installing the documentation - there is no man page, but
there is an `info' format file which you can add to the place where Emacs,
info and xinfo look.

The distribution contains X support and is compiled to use 4Mb for holding
the runtime image and for doing garbage collecting, so should work on most
systems - especially if you've got about 12Mb including RAM and swap.

To test the X support, try running:

mst /usr/local/mst111/

(or wherever you've installed it) for a quick demo.

If you have installed Smalltalk from SLS, I recommend that you remove it
(the binary will probably be /usr/bin/smalltalk and the support stuff will
be in /usr/local/smalltalk).

If you wish to compile GNU Smalltalk yourself, grab the source from any GNU
FTP site (it will be called smalltalk-1.1.1.tar.Z) and then apply the patch
found in the file diffs in the same directory as the binary distribution on
ftp.robots by moving into the smalltalk-1.1.1 directory (once you have
unpacked that) and then running:

patch -p1 < diffs

(or wherever you've placed the patch file).  If you want to use the X
support, cd into the `stix' directory.

Configure by running:

./config.mst linux

and then just `make'.  If you want to change where the support files are
installed, edit the file mstpaths.h in the main smalltalk-1.1.1 directory.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems with this.