ANNOUNCE: binary distribution of Seyon 1.7

ANNOUNCE: binary distribution of Seyon 1.7

Post by M. Sagg » Sun, 10 Jan 1993 00:26:36

I have put together a binary distribution of Seyon (version 1.7 pl2)
for linux. It consists of the binaries, support files, and an
installation script to automate the installation process. This is
beginners best bet, all you have to do is untar the file and run
se_install, all the rest is done by the installation script.

---------- The binaries are linked with libc4.2 and X libs 2.1. Make
sure you have installed those (the script will let you know if you
dont have them). Please don't email me about problems in installing
the libs, as I have nothing to do with them, I just use them like
everybody else, and never had a problem with them. ----------

The file is called Seyon-1.7-linux-bin-tar.Z and is available now at (at /pub/Linux/Incoming, but may be moved elsewhere
later). I'll upload it to as well when network traffic
decreases at night.

I hope this solves the Seyon installation problems SLS users are
having. The only problem I anticipate are beginners' trouble with
installing the libs if they don't have them. I wanted to use older
libs to avoid that, but I no longer have any of those.

I have no plans as of yet to update the binary distribution regularly,
the source distribution is still the main form of getting Seyon and
will always be the most recent. So, linux newbies, once you gain some
experience with linux and want to sink your teeth into the next
challenge, get the source distribution and have your ways with it, or
better yet, hack it :-).

(Hmmm, I can see tomorrow's subject lines already... "Problem
installing Seyon binary distribution. Help". Ah well, I try.)

Have a nice day,

/Muhammad M. Saggaf                 | Stop the genocide