teTeX distribution updated for LaTeX2e <1994/12/01>

teTeX distribution updated for LaTeX2e <1994/12/01>

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                       *update for teTeX

  I hereby announce an update of teTeX -- a TeX distribution for
Linux. Only the*package is concerned by this update:

        - LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> patch level 1 release
        - UPDATED PACKAGES: amslatex, dinbrief, graphics, mfnfss,
          psnfss, tools
        - NEW PACKAGES: eepic, ntgclass, fancyheadings, minitoc,
          supertabular, script, seminar, calc, caption, endfloat,
          epsf, floatflt, index, lastpage, myletter, picinpar, program,
          shadow, ulem

  This*packages comes along with the complete documentation and all
the sources (sounds funny, but a lot of the .sty/.cls/... files need
to be generated using docstrip).

  teTeX is avaiable at the sunsite.unc.edu ( linux archive
(and its mirrors!) in the directory apps/tex/teTeX and on CTAN in the
directory systems/unix/linux/teTeX. For information about CTAN sites, do

sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/Incoming/teTeX and it may take some days until
the appear at their final location.

  For the installation of teTeX-0.2.1, follow the instructions in
README.teTeX. To install the patches for the new*files (they are
*not* included in teTeX-0.2.1, but in a separate directory "patches"),
follow the instructions in README-0.2.2.

  For those, who do not know the teTeX distribution yet, here is the LSM

Title:          teTeX
Version:        0.2
Entered-date:   12NOV94
Description:    teTeX is a very complete TeX environment including a nice
                installation and a configuration script.  The web2c
                package was patched to use the new kpathsea-2.4 library
                which gives: fast file searching, runtime configuration
                files. As a special feature, teTeX does a path
                auto-detection and can be installed anywhere in your
                filesystem, without changing the configuration file and
                without setting any environment variables.
Keywords:       TeX, LaTeX, xdvi, dvips, dvilj, AmSLaTeX, texindex, makeinfo

Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/tex/teTeX
        2.6M base*
        3.4M goodies*
        3.0M sources/*
Platform:       Linux
Copying-policy: GPL


Universitaet Hannover, Institut fuer Informatik  (Systemadministration)


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.



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