Shambler - A Firewall trap/tool (security tool)

Shambler - A Firewall trap/tool (security tool)

Post by Jay Alle » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00


                  The Shambler Version 1.0b
                    A Firewall Tool/Trap

   The shambler is a small program that is periodicly run on firewalls.  The
shambler uses it's config file to get a list of valid user IDs and then cruises
the process table looking for UIDs that are not explicitly allowed.  If any
user's are found that are not allowed, the event is logged, and all the
offending process are killed. -Zap- Normally Shambler would be run periodically
via cron.  Shambler is written in straight C, so is portable that way, but DOES
depend on the /proc filesystem to do it's thing.

Expect a Solaris version soon.

   This is BETA software, so use at your own risk, and please notify me if you
have any comments or questions.  The production version will be included in a
soon to be announced firewall package called "Wild Weasel", which will be
available for beta soon.

Shambler is Available at*
          and should move to /pub/Linux/system/misc ?

Please send comments and questions to:


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