xlispstat uploaded to sunsite.unc.edu

xlispstat uploaded to sunsite.unc.edu

Post by ra.. » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 22:37:45

OK, finaly some stats package for Linux community. This is xlispstat2.1R2 .
by Luke Tierney based on xlisp by David Betz. It has lots
of statistical modeling functions, but its main strength
is in its graphical capabilities. To all the stats dudes
out there: check it out! It is compiled with libc.4.4 and
Xfree86 1.2 though 1.3 should work as well.
The package compiled without a hitch except for line 236 in X11BSDstuff.c:
It had:
if (file->_cnt > 0) return(TRUE);
which is BAD as it plays with FILE struct directly. Linux does not have
'_cnt' field so I changed it to equally bad, but working thing:
 if (file->_gptr < file->_egptr ) return(TRUE);
This is in function :
static char_available()
so I guess it is used for terminal polling. I can already hear HJ Lu screaming
justifably :-)  but I do not know how to correct in
more portable way. You can get a source code for it from:
umnstat.stat.umn.edu in pub/xlispstat or some-such. There are also some
problems with Makefile but they are easy to solve.

There is one more thing to do: dynamic loading of user's object code.
I undefined it right now, but will try to look into it. Xlispstat has some
very long file which does loading by hand (striping symbol table, initializing
bbs, and other horrible stuff.) On the other hand Splus (other stats package)
on SGI at university, uses 'ld -A' to accomplish the same thing. If someone
could enlighten me on that, I would be delighted.

Please read README's and techreport.ps. Former contain copyright notices and
other info, latter has 100+ page manual in PostScript. There is also a book
on the system, by author called XlispStat or so.