LILO 0.9 released

LILO 0.9 released

Post by Werner Almesberg » Tue, 02 Mar 1993 16:42:13

I've uploaded version 0.9 of LILO to and to

The files are

    lilo.9.tar.Z        Source, support files and documentation         Documentation in PostScript

Highlights of this release: supports new experimental compound un-
stripped kernel format, command lines can now be preset at reboot time,
a descriptive message can be displayed when entering the boot prompt,
etc. The relevant section of the CHANGES file is attached to this

There are also a few minor bug fixes and compatibility changes for
gcc 2.3.3. Please read the file INCOMPAT for incompatibilities to older

LILO now verifies the correctness of partition tables. So if you've had
mysterious problems booting LILO itself or booting other operating
systems from LILO in the past, you might want to give it a try again.

If you are having problems installing LILO, you might want to try
QuickInst. It detects several common problems and is quite useful for
creation of a working basic installation.

- Werner

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Changes from version 8 to 9

  Boot sector

    - can now get the command line from the map file and overwrite
      that sector.
    - passes the word "auto" on the command line if booting after a
    - new command-line option vga={ask,normal,ext,extended,<number>}
      to alter the VGA mode on the fly.
    - image name matching can now be made case-insensitive (default)
    - added sanity checks for the second stage loader and the
      descriptor tables.

  Map installer

    - added new compound unstripped kernel format.
    - -r is now implied if the environment variable ROOT is set.
    - new option -I to translate a label name (e.g. obtained from
      BOOT_IMAGE) to the path of the kernel image.
    - new variable MESSAGE to define a startup message.
    - new variable UNSAFE to bypass sanity checks and floppy spin-up
      when defining other operating systems.
    - new variable ALIAS to define a second label name.
    - new variable RESTRICTED to confine password protection to
      invocations with parameters.
    - added a missing #include <sys/stat.h> to map.c
    - fixed the BIOS_MAX_* parameters in lilo.h
    - removed too restrictive cylinder number check.
    - new option -R to set/clear the default command line in the
      map file.
    - added verification of 3D and linear address equality of
      partition starts (in the partition table).
    - suppressed outputting the version string when using -D with -v
    - "vga=extended" can now be abbreviated to "vga=ext".

  Documentation and installation

    - added a test for broken regexp in sed, grep and egrep to
      QuickInst. Other minor improvements.
    - now uses build-time configuration variables in Makefile or
    - copied section "LILO start messages" from doc.tex to README
    - removed the description of a floppy test installation from
      README. (doc.tex never contained that part.)
    - fixed some minor documentation errors and omissions.
    - fixed some minor Makefile bugs.
    - included the*translations of the FIG files.
    - moved the "Technical overview" to the end.