QtIRC 0.20 Beta-2 - GUI IRC client for X, based on Qt

QtIRC 0.20 Beta-2 - GUI IRC client for X, based on Qt

Post by Ken Holli » Mon, 05 May 1997 04:00:00


Announcing QtIRC 0.20 Beta 2
The next best thing since sliced IRC!


What it is:

QtIRC is a new, revolutionary, graphically based IRC client for X
Windows and Unix users.  QtIRC has been designed over a period of many
months, and has maintained a rather large following over its development

As this program is still a beta, I ask if you download the source, that
you give a bug report, or at least an opinion as to how the interface or
parts of the program may be changed.


QtIRC requires Qt 1.2 and LibKDE 0.8 to compile.
Qt 1.2 is available at http://www.troll.no/
LibKDE 0.8 is available at http://www.kde.org/

Features include (newest listed first):

        - KDE library requirement
        - HTML Widget-based browser object (for imbedded HTML in chat, and
          aiding in Boldface, underline, and italics.)
        - DCC Get implemented with progress meter and a number of extras
        - The only multi-protocol Chat client
        - Load/save configuration file on the fly
        - Calls on KDEHELP for help if required (KDE-Aware application)
        - Supports a large list of multiple chat protocols, and group lists
with              easy manipulation
        - IRC Operator command listing and menu (only client that does this!)
        - Content-sensitive popup menus in nickname list, input entry area,
and               main chat area
        - Chat Channel logging
        - Help on the fly through Netscape, or KDEHELP
        - Dynamic window resizing with minimum/maximum sizing
        - Query windows with menubar access to convert query to DCC Chat or
send              files
        - Ignore support of nicknames
        - DALnet support of mode chars (g, y, and c are parsed)
        - Notify support
        - DCC GET support with multiple windows, slider-track and progress
        - Support for multiple architectures
        - QtIRC now requires the KDE Support library to compile
        - HTML Widget used for browsing and chatting (lets you type in HTML on
the               fly - believe it!)
        - DCC Progress meter now shows bytes/sec if it ever drops below 1K/s
        - Conversion program provided to change mIRC .ini files to QtIRC
format            files
        - Configuration script included to auto-configure your system's                          
architecture for makefile
        - Multiple server supportOptions to be made available in Beta 3:

New features for QtIRC 0.20 Beta 3 (next release) will include:

        - Implementation of the following commands:
          Whois, Whowas, Links, Ping, Onotice, Snotice
        - Implement HELP pages to be viewed from Netscape or other browsers
        - Add global configuration dialog (with tabs) for easy configuration
        - Bug fixes

Anyone wishing to join the project should contact me at

progress should see http://www.bitgate.com/qtirc/.

If you report bugs, please report them with as much detail as possible.

Thank you for your time!

- -- Ken Hollis
- -- http://www.bitgate.com/

- --
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1. Can't keep my IRC connections stable with text-based IRC clients?


I replaced my old Netgear RT311 router last night with an old Linksys
BEFSX41 (latest firmware v1.52.15). However, I am having problems
keeping my IRC programs staying connected. After about every five
minutes, they get disconnected.

The router's firewall log had these lines:
2008-10-18 22:17:12 1586/TCP from [deleted IRC's IP address]:6667 to Invalid TCP packet received, dropping packet
Note: Changed 192.168.1.xxx to 192.168.0.xxx so I didn't have to
reconfigure the computers' IP addresses after swapping from an old
Netgear RT311 router.

 From what I can see online with Google searches, this is a known issue
since people seems to have this problem and no solution/fixes (even
after five years or so? Wow!).

I did notice a pattern. It seems like text based IRC clients (e.g.,
BitchX) and IRC bots (info and chat types) get disconnected after about
five minutes. With GUI clients (SeaMonkey, and Trillian Basic), I don't
get disconnected.

What's up with that and is there a way to fix this since I prefer text
based clients? Thank you in advance. :)
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