gpm-0.96 with the new gpm-root utility

gpm-0.96 with the new gpm-root utility

Post by Alessandro Rubi » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 20:04:44

Hello Linuxers,
        this message is to announce the new release of the
"General Purpose Mouse" server. gpm is a daemon which makes the
work of `selection' with the additional capability of providing
client applications with mouse events. Emacs support is offered
within the package.

The package is available from
and will be moved to the directory /pub/Linux/system/Daemons.
Alternatively, look at

====== WHAT'S NEW?

The new release embeds man pages for the three executables "gpm", "mev"
and "gpm-root". "gpm-root", then, is an utility to draw menus on the
background of the Linux console, to perform a variety of tasks. Some
problems with busmice should be fixed with respect to 0.9.

====== Why not 1.0?

There's a slight bug with `The Midnite Commander', which will be fixed
ASAP, with no official announce.

gpm-root lacks sub-mwnus and the capability of reporting the output
of a pileline; moreover, the high-level library for clients is not ready.
Both of them will be fixed in January 95.


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