updated smail available

updated smail available

Post by Neal Beck » Thu, 02 Dec 1993 07:41:18

I have uploaded a distribuition of smail-3.1.28 to

sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/Incoming/smail.tgz (move to systems/Mail?)

Included is :

1) config files
2) binaries

I believe this port includes more features than earlier ones.  In
particular dbm is supported and locking of spool files is supported
(using flock).  Also seteuid is there to allow delivery to nfs mounted

IMHO this version is a slightly more accurate linux port and should
replace existing ones.


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


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forgive me if this is anewbie & very dumb question.

I run linux 1.1.18 from the InfoMagic Slackware distribution. I am
connected to the internet via a SLIP line. I am runnign Smail /\==/\
Smail3.1.28.1 #28.5 (that's what smail -V prints).

occassionally, well more than occasionally, smail decides its not going
to deliver the mail. it chucks it into its /var/spool/smail/error dir. I
have to manually move this mail from there into its input dir.

I can supply my setup files if you want, although they are basically what
the install/config script setup for me.

hgere is the error messages it prints (to standard output!) when this

 world: path database maps/world, open failed: Connection refused
sendmail: mail moved to /var/spool/smail/error/0qmwVy-000IVXC

Later, when i move the message into the input dir, it sends it ok. i
don't have to change anything, excpet just moving the mail toi the input dir.

There is a similar error that occurs if the SLIP link is down (of course
- this wasn't the problem above, as I was telnetted in) - how can i
modify smail's behaviour so that it merely queues the mail?

i have chacked the linux mail HOWTO which doesn't tell me anything
(excpet that it should work "out of the box" ;-) ) and the man pages that
i can find.

any help would be appreciated, even if its a pointer to the FAQ.

thanks, scot.

PS sorry for the typos: i'm in a hurry (i'm late!!) and this telnet link
is pretty clogged right now so its a bit of a pain to correct spelling
errors. ;-)

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