LOCAL--Boston, MA - 05/21/97 - Boston Linux & Unix Group [BLU.ORG]

LOCAL--Boston, MA - 05/21/97 - Boston Linux & Unix Group [BLU.ORG]

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Meeting Topic for May:  "EM86: Running Linux/Intel Applications on the
                        Linux/Alpha Platform"


Jim Paradis returns to show us the latest developments for Linux on
the Digital Alpha architecture: EM86.

The Linux/Alpha team at Digital Equipment Corporation has released a
developers' beta version of EM86, a Linux/x86 emulator for
Linux/Alpha. EM86 is a software emulator that enables Linux/Alpha
systems to run Linux/x86 software without modification.

EM86 currently supports statically linked and dynamically linked x86
ELF32 binaries under Linux/Alpha.  Future enhancements will include
support for iBCS-2 compliant executables, improved emulator
performance, and interoperation with native Alpha code.  A release
incorporating these features is anticipated in July, 1997.

The following Linux/x86 software packages run successfully on this
beta version of EM86, with some qualifications as described in the
README file included in the distribution:

                 Netscape Navigator Gold 3.01
                 Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0
                 Red Baron web browser 3.00
                 Applixware 4.2

EM86 may be obtained via anonymous ftp from:

Portions (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1997. All rights reserved.

Netscape Navigator Gold is a trademark of Netscape Communications
Acrobat Reader is a trademark of Adobe Systems

         Applixware is a trademark of Applix, Inc.

Who:    Boston Linux & Unix Group [BLU.ORG]
Date:   21 May 1997, Wednesday
Time:   7:00 pm.
Place:  MIT, Building 1  Room 390 -- Bechtel Hall

The Boston Linux & Unix Group [BLU.ORG], is the successor to the Boston
Computer Society's Linux & Unix User Group. We want to promote the
awareness and use of Open Systems, and to educate the public and our
members about Open Systems.

Linux is a UNIX-like operating system built around POSIX standards.
- From its inception less than six years ago, it was developed over the
Internet by a group of people who (for the most part) have never seen
each other, and now runs on an (estimated) 1,000,000 computer systems.
The operating system (and the source code for it) is free to anyone
who wants it. It has been ported to at least the following platforms:
Intel, SPARC, Alpha, MIPS, PPC, and M68K. This is probably the largest
development project ever accomplished using the Internet.

        For the latest information on this talk, please see the URL:

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        Please Note: This Page is Still Under Construction!

        For a map showing where the meetin hall is located, please see
        the URL:

        >>>>                http://www.veryComputer.com/;       <<<<

Coming in June: Lar Kaufman, co-author of "Running Linux", speaks on
the Legal Implications of Developing for Linux.

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