ANNOUNCE: linux 0.99 patchlevel 1

ANNOUNCE: linux 0.99 patchlevel 1

Post by Linus Torval » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 08:36:46

Linux-0.99.1 is now available on, and will probably show up
on the other linux ftp sites within days, unless everybody has gone off
for the holidays.  The directory is /pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus, and it's
available both as a patch against 0.99 and as complete source.  The
patch is pretty clean, although most people probably have changed 0.99
slightly to get rid of the setup and/or inode.c problems, so if you
have, you'll have to revert or patch by hand.

Patch 1 addresses the following problems:
 - configuration. Hope there are no silly problems left..
 - inode.c: initialization changes (the missing NULL and some other
   minor fixes).
 - some SCSI tape driver patches (Kai M{kisara)
 - tcp/ip patches (Ross Biro, some code by me)
 - keyboard patches (mainly changed initialization - hope the keyboard
   lockups are gone).
 - completed /proc-fs: it should now contain all info needed by 'ps'
   (Micheal K Johnson).
 - various minor fixes (the minix-fs link overflow checking etc)

Patch1 also contains support for extended VC switching - this is for the
upcoming X11 that understands VC's.  One result of this is that console
redirection now redirects *only* messages actually sent to /dev/console
(aka /dev/tty0), not just to any foreground VC.  Wait for Xfree-1.2 to
be able to switch VC's while under X (yes, including several X-sessions
active at the same time..).

I hope there are still people out there that aren't too busy stuffing
themself with turkey to try out a new kernel release.  There is just
over a week left of this year, and I need feedback in order to be able
to release 1.0.


PS.  Thanks to everybody who has sent me Christmas/New Year/Birthday
cards.  Some contained money, some didn't, and I enjoyed them all.


1. ANNOUNCE: linux 0.99 patchlevel 8 available

Yet another kernel release is now available on in the usual
place (pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus for those of you that have already
forgotten), and will probably show up on the other ftp-sites within a
day or two.  There are two new files:

  linux-0.99.8.tar.z - the full gzipped and tarred source-tree of the
        linux kernel.

  linux-0.99.patch8.z - unified diffs against the last official release

There is no SLIP or new networking routines in this kernel despite the
rumors that have been flying around - the main changes to 0.99.7 are
(some of them were in 0.99pl7A as well):

 - the signal handling code has been extensively reworked, and should be
   POSIX as well as clean.
 - dosfs is upgraded to version 12 (Werner Almesberger)
 - xiafs is upgraded to the latest version (Qi Xia)
 - ext2fs is upgraded to the latest version (Remy Card/Stephen Tweedie)
 - FPU-emulation patches for v86 mode and precision rounding (Bill
 - SCSI patches by various people (Eric Youngdale & co)
 - XT harddisk support (Pat Mackinlay)
 - new trial code to try to handle 387 lockups on some systems more
 - keyboard, lp and serial driver fixes
 - various minor changes (mounting root read-only, bootup messages
   cleaned up etc)

As always, comments/bugs etc are encouraged,



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