New Linux CMUCL release - port of CMU-lisp to Linux 2.0

New Linux CMUCL release - port of CMU-lisp to Linux 2.0

Post by Peter.VanEynd » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I've just uploaded a new CMUCL release for Linux to sunsite.

New features include: clio/clue/pictures packages, lisp-tk package, sgml
tutorials, defsystem and general CMUCL bug fixes.

This release still isn't as polished as I would like, but is more then

As the Hyperspec isn't included, this release can be sold on CD's.

One tip: _do_ _not_ use CMUCL without the ilisp package (not the stuff
included with emacs, the separate package). At least use an editor that
can match braces...

For slow lines the package is split up in parts:
("du -k *" gives)

128     CMUCL-bins.tar.gz
        The binaries. Needed.
1048    CMUCL-clio.tar.gz
        The Clio package. Looks a bit like Openwindows. Optional.
        Needs Clue.
168     CMUCL-clm.tar.gz
        The CLM package. I don't have the motif server required for
        actually using the package. If someone has the server, please
        create a static version of it and email it to me.
552     CMUCL-clue.tar.gz
        The Clue package. Like Xt for CLX. Optional. Needs clx.
1072    CMUCL-clx.tar.gz
        The CLX package. Like libX11 for Lisp. Optional.
864     CMUCL-docs.tar.gz
        The manuals for CMUCL. You should also download the Hyperspec from
        Harlequin. (
1192    CMUCL-hemlock.tar.gz
        The Hemlock editor. An emacs clone in CMUCL. Optional. Needs clx.
96      CMUCL-lisp-tk.tar.gz
        The Lisp-tk interface. An interface to tk from lisp. Major
        portions are stolen from gcl. I fear that the executables will
        only run on a Redhat 4.0 system :-(. Optional.
3304    CMUCL-*.tar.gz
        The lisp image without CLOS. Needed for rebuilding from source.
4008    CMUCL-pcl.tar.gz
        The full lisp image, with CLOS. Needed.
568     CMUCL-pictures.tar.gz
        The pictures package. A sort of picture description package in
        Clue. Optional. Needs Clue.
7296    CMUCL-source.tar.gz
        The source for CMUCL,Clue/Clio/Pictures and lisp-tk. Also includes
        all the demos. Optional.


Title:          CMU-lisp for linux
Version:        180397
Description:    A port of CMU-lisp to Linux 2.0. CMU lisp has
                very powerfull compiler "python". You'll find use
                for the HyperSpec, available from Harlequin.
Keywords:       Lisp,CMU,functional languager,programming

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/devel/lang/Lisp
                128Kb   CMUCL-bins.tar.gz
                1048Kb  CMUCL-clio.tar.gz
                168Kb   CMUCL-clm.tar.gz
                552Kb   CMUCL-clue.tar.gz
                1072Kb  CMUCL-clx.tar.gz
                864Kb   CMUCL-docs.tar.gz
                1192Kb  CMUCL-hemlock.tar.gz
                96Kb    CMUCL-lisp-tk.tar.gz
                3304Kb  CMUCL-*.tar.gz
                4008Kb  CMUCL-pcl.tar.gz
                568Kb   CMUCL-pictures.tar.gz
                7296Kb  CMUCL-source.tar.gz
Platforms:      UNIX,X11,x86
Copying-policy: Public domain

Groetjes, Peter

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