Binary distribution of Seyon 1.8

Binary distribution of Seyon 1.8

Post by M. Sagg » Tue, 19 Jan 1993 00:33:37

[ Moderator's note: Seyon is a communications package that works under
  X under Linux and a few other Unices --lasu ]

I've uploaded the binary distribution of Seyon 1.8 to
(/pub/seyon/bin-linux),, and sunsite. This is actually
1.81, but it's not much different from 1.8.

The binaries are compiled without the USE_NONSTD_BAUD flag, so if you
want to use speeds above 38400 bps, you'll have to get the source
distribution and compile it yourself. They are linked with libc4.2 and
X libs 2.1, so make sure you have those installed. I realize that many
people don't have X libs 2.1 since SLS has only 2.0, but the formers
are all I've got since I tend to always use the latest tools. If
someone who has a typical SLS setup wants to be the maintainer of the
binary distribution of Seyon so that it's in sync with SLS, let me
know (it's an easy task really, nothing more than compiling the source
once in a while and uploading it).

A simple installation script is included with the distribution.

All the best,

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