GS4500 scanner driver version 2.0 released

GS4500 scanner driver version 2.0 released

Post by Jan Willamowi » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00


GS4500 scanner driver version 2.0 released

What is it ?
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It's a device driver (loadable module) for the Genius handheld
scanners GS4500 and GS4500A (and probably the GS4000).

What's new ?
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Version 2.0 includes a much improved support for the GS4500A.
(Thanks to Pedro Maia Alves.)

It also includes serious bug fixes. So everybody with a 2.0.x
kernel should update. (If you still run a 1.2.x kernel stay with
version 1.4 !)

Also included is a modified version of xscan. Like the name suggests
it lets you scan under X11 with your GS4500.

A small documentation on the hardware is also included (HTML).

Where can I get it ?
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I uploaded it to and It should
be in the appropriate directory in a few days.

You can also get it from my homepage

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Jan Willamowius, Semperstr. 1, 22303 Hamburg, Germany

WWW: ""

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1. New scanner driver for the GS4500

I've just uploaded my new version 1.2 of the driver for the GS4500
scanner to /incoming /pub/os/linux/Incoming.EUnet

It is based on the GS4500 driver 1.0 by Richard Lyons

 *      Changes:
 *      - added automatic detection what io adresses and
 *        dma channel is set on the interface board
 *      - fixed a bug with dma channel selection
 *      - scanner dosn't flash when driver loads
 *      - changed device major to 26 like the other handheld
 *        scanner drivers use (avoids conflict with ibcs and
 *        sound driver)
 *      - added fsync to file_operations table (= NULL)
 *      - adapted scandemo from logitech driver for gs4500
 *      - added the option to create a loadable kernel module
 *      - changed buffer allocation to make
 *        loadable module work
 *      - changed ioctls to be compatible with M105, AC4096 and
 *        Logitech driver
 *      - small changes here and there...
 *      Supported Scanner:
 *      - Genius GeniScan GS4500
 *      ? Genius GeniScan GS4000 (DOS drivers for the GS4000 work
 *        with my GS4500 so I'd assume this driver works with a
 *        GS4000)
 *      ? Genius GeniScan GS4500A (again, just a guess)

Jan Willamowius, Nienredder 6, 22527 Hamburg, Germany


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