rocat-0.91.tar.gz uploaded to

rocat-0.91.tar.gz uploaded to

Post by Greg Sh » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 01:58:10

The latest version of rocat has been uploaded to in
/pub/Linux/Incoming.  It should move to /pub/Linux/system/BBS in the near
future.  This version is basically the same as 0.90, except the BBS is now
colorized.  It's really a minimal colorization scheme, but has plenty of
color.  In addition, a full set of menus from The Roman Catacombs has been
included.  The menu set now uses the menu templates and macro features (and
are fully colorized).  

rocat is a full-featured BBS system for the Linux OS.  It is optimized so
that minimal impact (and maximum users) can be squeezed from the minimal

There is a mailing list for rocat now available.  Send 'subscribe' in a


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PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


1. ppp-2.1.2b.tar.gz available on

: I have uploaded a corrected version for the PPP software used by Linux
: to It is presently in the /pub/Linux/Incoming
: directory and should be found either there or in its more permanent
: home of /pub/Linux/system/Networking/Serial.

Note that this was compiled with libc.4.6.something.or.other, so don't
try to install the included binaries unless you have the libc4.6 libraries.
Note however, that it builds fine with libc4.5 (as far as I can tell)


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