library of practical abstractions

library of practical abstractions

Post by Eric Sven Rist » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00


We just released version 1.2 of the Library of Practical Abstractions.
This is a major new release, with many new modules and some
texinfo documentation to accompany them.  It is supported
under i586/Linux, Alpha/OSF, and Sparc/Solaris.

Quote:>From the Introduction:

 The library of practical abstractions (LIBPA) provides efficient
 implementations of conceptually simple abstractions, in the C
 programming language.  We believe that the best library code is
 conceptually simple so that it will be easily understood by the
 application programmer; parameterized by type so that it enjoys wide
 applicability; and at least as efficient as a straightforward
 special-purpose implementation.  You will find that our software
 satisfies the highest standards of software design, implementation,
 testing, and benchmarking.

 The current LIBPA release is a source code distribution only.  It
 consists of modules for portable memory management, one dimensional
 arrays of arbitrary types, compact symbol tables, hash tables for
 arbitrary types, a trie module for length-delimited strings over
 arbitrary alphabets, single precision floating point numbers with
 extended exponents, and logarithmic representations of probability
 values using either fixed or floating point numbers.

 We have used LIBPA to implement a wide range of statistical models for
 both continuous and discrete domains.  The time and space efficiency of
 LIBPA has allowed us to build larger statistical models than previously
 reported, and to investigate more computationally-intensive techniques
 than previously possible.  We have found LIBPA to be indispensible in
 our own research, and hope that you will find it useful in yours.

Eric Ristad and Peter Yianilos

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