ANNOUNCE: MCC Interim Release

ANNOUNCE: MCC Interim Release

Post by LeBl.. » Wed, 21 Apr 1993 03:57:18

MCC interim release of Linux 0.99 at patch level 8 with gcc 2.3.3
and shared libraries at 4.3.3 is now available by anonymous ftp from [] in /pub/linux/mcc-interim/0.99p8.
This is a small release, which will fit on five 3.5 inch or six
5.25 inch floppies.  It includes all of the usual GNU utilities,
including time, gcc, bison, tar, flex, gawk, groff, etc, as well
as Rik Faith's utilities collections, the fsutils, mount (including
NFS mount), sysVinit, kermit, and tcpip programs, as well as full
kernel sources.  Full sources to all binaries are available by
anonymous ftp in /pub/linux/mcc-interim/0.99p8/source_files.  Full
patches are available as a 'package' during installation.  Extensive
README files describe the packages and their sizes when installed,
which is about 16 Mb.  They also include a walk-through of the
installation process.

Since everything except gcc and its binary utilities has been
recompiled under this version of the operating system and with this
release of the library, and most of it has been tested moderately,
this should be a relatively solid release.  (But see the BUGS+WARNINGS
file, particularly about the bug in syslogd which sometimes causes
virtual console 1 to hang).

Disadvantages: This release will not install on a 2Mb machine.
It doesn't contain X, emacs, lp software, cron, mailers, newsreaders,
or anything else I can't compile and test in a reasonable time.
But all of the standard releases of these products install and run
with no qualms -- I use emacs and X myself.  This release comes
at present only with UK keyboard kernels, but since the kernel source
is included, and since the distributed kernel contains a lot of
support for various SCSI devices, which most people are unlikely to
need (how many of you have 5 SCSI cards?), you probably ought to
recompile the kernel anyway.

Advantages: This release is small, fairly coherent, and unified.  It is
easy to install and fairly well documented.  All available man pages
are included.

Incidentally, all of the files, binary or text, installed by this
release are available separately by anonymous ftp from the site above;
see /pub/linux/binaries.