runpipe v1.2 with security hole fix

runpipe v1.2 with security hole fix

Post by Christopher Neufel » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00


   The latest version of runpipe is available now from sunsite or my FTP
   Runpipe is a daemon/client pair which watches a set of named pipes for
a read or write action on a pipe, and then executes a program on the
other end of the pipe. It is most commonly used to run a program on the
other end of the .plan pipe, so that when a person fingers the account,
the .plan "file" appears to contain the output of the program. This can
be used to make plan files which change whenever they're read, or which
deliver different messages depending on other information such as time of
day or whether or not the user is logged on.

   This release fixes a potentially serious security bug in the daemon
when run in system mode, and a potentially annoying behaviour when run in
paranoid mode. I strongly recommend that nobody who runs the daemon in
system mode run it with a version prior to 1.2.

   Here is the .lsm:

Title:          Runpipe daemon and client
Version:        1.2
Entered-date:   March 10, 1997
Description:    A package which monitors named pipes and runs a process on
                the other end of the pipe when a read or write access is
                made to the pipe.
Keywords:       FIFO pipe plan

Primary-site: /pub/linux
                17 kB runpipe-1.2.tar.gz
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/system/daemons
Copying-policy: GPL

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 Home page:
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1. ANNOUNCE Apache::ASP v1.95 - Examples Security Hole Fixed

ANNOUNCE Apache::ASP v1.95 - Examples Security Hole Fixed

Apache::ASP < > had a security
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The next version of Apache::ASP v1.95 going to CPAN will not
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--Joshua Chamas

=item $VERSION = 1.95; $DATE="07/10/00";


 --FIXED: distribution example ./site/eg/source.asp now parses
  out special characters of the open() call when reading local

  This bug would allow a malicious user possible writing
  of files in the same directory as the source.asp script.  This
  writing exploit would only have effect if the web server user
  has write permission on those files.

  Similar bug announced by for minivend software
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 -$0 now set to transferred file, when using $Server->Transfer

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