HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus device driver available

HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus device driver available

Post by Christer Weinige » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 02:28:37

I have written a module which makes an original HP Scanjet
or (hopefully) HP SjanJet Plus work with linux.

If you have programmed for the HPSCAN device under DOS,
you'll probably feel quite at home, because it should work
exactly the same way.

You can find it in the directory at
"URL: ftp://ftp.ctrl-c.liu.se/unix/linux/wingel/". Please
be aware that the ftp server is running under VMS, so some
things might not look the way you're used to; for example,
there is no "ftp" user, you have to log in as "anonymous".

Have fun.



PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


1. HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus driver


Does anybody out there have a copy of the HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus driver
for 2.2.x kernel?  There were some pointers to
ftp://rvs.ctrl-c.liu.se/pub/wingel/hpscan/hpscan-2.2.7.tar.gz on some
mailing lists but this site refuses connections.

Jouko Kouvo

Registered Linux User #182526

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