ANNOUNCE: Tracker 3.9 available for Linux

ANNOUNCE: Tracker 3.9 available for Linux

Post by Hannu Savolain » Fri, 05 Feb 1993 05:36:12

Tracker 3.9 is available for Linux (and several other plattforms) at The file is tracker-3.9.tar.Z. This is a direct successor
of the str15/32 -program, which is included in the sound driver kit.

written the interface to Linux.

Compiling it under Linux is simple. Just unarchive the package and
"make linux". Sound Driver version 0.4 or later is required.


PS.     csound is available at the same directory. It compiles and
        works under Linux (somehow). I will make the diffs available
        after the next version of csound is available.

------------- docs/readmefirst by Marc Espie ---------------

Just a quick question-and-answer file.

- What is tracker, what do I need to use it ?
tracker is a soundtracker player for unix machines. You need a sparcstation
or an siligon graphics iris, or a PC with unix and soundblaster. Your machine
should be able to produce sounds, that goes without saying. You also need
tunes to play (mod files). Some are available on, for instance.
You will also want to get zoo and lha for unix machines. They should be
on or

- How to compile it ?
Just make machine to build it all, and make install after you've decided
where you want to put it.

- How to use it ?
tracker -help will give you a good idea of what's available.

- How does it compare with SparcTracker, or str32 ?
Well it's better... No, actually it's the same program, but the name has
changed as it was evolving.  So anything labelled SparcTracker100,
SparcTracker1.1, or sparctracker1.2 is OLD.  Don't send me any bug reports
about these older versions, this is useless.  Well, I'll try not to change
the name of the program again...

--- Stuff deleted ---


Kun Savolainen puhuu, niin vastuu siirtyy valittomasti kuulijalle.
(or link("/dev/null", "/dev/flames") in plain C)



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