HUFS: call for alpha testers

HUFS: call for alpha testers

Post by Michael Be » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 00:30:04

Call for Alpha-Tester

What is HUFS ?

The HUFS is a filesystem for Linux, that supports online-compression.
It's heavily based on the ext2 0.5 and has all of it's features,
like enhanced file attributes, blockgroups ...
However, it's NOT compatible with ext2, but in the future a little
tool will convert ext2 partition in hufs partition.

HUFS depends not on a specific compressor, compressors are modules and
can be loaded during runtime. Currently, 2 compressors are ported.


Currently, HUFS is in alpha state. This means, that at least one known
bug exists and not all features are implemented. For instance the
compression rate is currently not optimal and shared libs must be
saved with the 'UNCOMPRESSED' flag. However, this will be changed in
the future after I find at least the 'known bugs'.

What you need to become a tester

Some disk space, a partition is prefered, I havn't tested it with the
loop-device yet. Some knowledge about Linux filesystems would be good.

If you want test it, send me an email. HUFS will NOT be availeble on
public ftp-servers until beta, so I will send it uuencoded or upload
it direct to your machine.

Thanks for your help



Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.


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Did anyone manage to reply to this guy?  I'm very interested, but this
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