REPOST: FOOLpackage version 1.2 released

REPOST: FOOLpackage version 1.2 released

Post by Bernd Landor » Fri, 12 May 1995 04:00:00

we are proud to announce the version 1.2 of our Fuzzy Logic
development tool FOOL!

*               What are FOOL and FOX ?                 *

We want to introduce the FOOL & FOX fuzzy logic development
tools to you ->

FOOL = Fuzzy system development tool with interactive 'foolproof'
graphical user interface.

FOX = A small but powerful fuzzy engine. It works based on the databases
created with FOOL.

FOOL and FOX offer the following features: (for free!)

+ Interactive and (a kind of) "FOOLproof" development interface based
on the xview libs.

+ Online help

+ Support of most known fuzzy operators (36 different to be
exact). Exact tuning of every application of an operator
possible. Parameterized operators fully supported.

+ Five types of standard membership functions plus an unlimited number
of user defined membership functions.

+ User defined internal calculation precision

+ Fuzzy and/or floating point (crisp) input and output values
possible. No limits except your double-floating point range.

+ Building of multi-stage and/or parallel fuzzy systems possible via
simple shell scripts (or whatever language you like).

+ Easyily portable fuzzy engine (FOX) with low hard- and software
requirements. FOX only needs an ANSI-C compiler.

+ ASCII database format for better readability. Maybe you want to use
that database for your own software project.

+ Graphical visualisation of your self-defined linguistic variables
and the operators via xprism from the KHOROS package or gnuplot.

+ FOOL compiles on all machines with an ANSI C Compiler and xview-Libraries.
(FOOL was tested successfully on DEC MIPS, Linux and Sun OS)

+ Includes a complete user's manual (~100 pages) in postscript-format
a step-by-step example.

FOOL stands for the Fuzzy Organizer OLdenburg. It is a result from a
project at the University of Oldenburg. FOOL is a graphical user
interface to develop fuzzy rulebases.  FOOL will help you to invent
and maintain a database that specifies the behaviour of a fuzzy-controller
or something like that.

FOX is a small but powerful fuzzy engine which reads this
database, reads some input values and calculates the new control

                        *** WHAT you get: ***

FOOLpackage_v1.2.source.tar.gz          The complete sources
FOOLpackage_v1.2.manual.tar.gz          The 100 page manual in small blocks

               *** CHANGES in package release 1.2: ***

The package release 1.2 contains FOOL version 1.1 and FOX version 1.1
and some additional auxillary programs.

        - Minor changes in the manual.
        - Minor changes in the copyright.

        - Now supports gnuplot too (Thanx to Rinus Verkerk)
        - Tempfiles are now cleaned up when leaving FOOL
        - Fixed strdup("") compile-error in FOOLfile.c

        - In 1.0 FOX was unable to use fuzzy input
        values. Now this bug is fixed.
        - Minor bugfixes for translating different fuzzy input precisions.

                        ** WHERE to get it **
The package is available via ftp from:         /pub/fool                    /pub/fuzzy/prog

(Note: We are looking for other sites which want to mirror these files too)


-set the subject to 'request'
-write a text like this:

CWD pub/fool
SEND FOOLpackage_v1.2.source.tar.gz
SEND FOOLpackage_v1.2.manual.tar.gz

We hope you find it useful and await your comments:

The team of FOOL(s)
                            Sven Nordhoff,
                           Bernd Landorff,
                         Carsten Labinsky and
                            Ronald Hartwig

ps: OK, that was enthusiastic advertising ;-) but we are not Mancosoft
and you won't have to pay for beta-testing here (yet).
Even if we overdid it in some points, we still hope you like the
package and may find it useful.

Fuzzy Organizer OLdenburg team (FOOL team) contacts:

WWW  :


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