Xterminal 0.0.21 - object oriented user interface w/ client-server architecture

Xterminal 0.0.21 - object oriented user interface w/ client-server architecture

Post by Dragos Acostachioai » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00


   A new version of Xterminal (0.0.21) has been released!

   Xterminal is an Object Oriented User Interface with a client-server
architecture. The main purpose is a friendly interface for the UNIX-like
operating systems. It is designed to be used to build text-based
applications, and is written in C++ using the "ncurses" library.
   It consists in a complete object oriented library including multiple,
resizeable, overlapping windows, pull-down menus, dialog boxes, buttons,
scroll bars, input lines, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. Mouse support will
come too, soon.
   It includes advanced object management, events handling, communications
between objects, and so on...

   NEW in this release:
   - new color management
   - XtMenu, XtStatusLine, XtDesktop, XtApplication classes
   - you can write now complete applications using Xterminal
   - XtMenu bugs removed

   Xterminal is written by:

   and is protected by the GNU General Public License.

   The maintainer of this library is Dragos Acostachioaie. Please send bug
reports, suggestions, feedback, or anything else that you think, to:

   You can find Xterminal by anonymous ftp at:
sunsite.unc.edu, /pub/Linux/libs/Xterminal-0.0.21.tar.gz
   You can also find the very latest version, including the
(alpha)beta-releases, at: ftp.interbit.ro, /pub/Linux/libs
(currently Xterminal-0.0.21.tar.gz).
   There is a Xterminal's Web page. Just check it out:

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