COMMERCIAL: dBMAN Database for Linux.

COMMERCIAL: dBMAN Database for Linux.

Post by ACC Corp » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 23:58:11

VERSASOFT's dBMAN, the popular dBASE III+ compatible DBMS that is widely
used on over 20 Unix platforms, is now available for Linux.    Only $99.

Versasoft Corporation of San Jose CA, announces the release of dBMAN V for
the Linux operating system. Priced at $99, dBMAN V single user version
delivers exceptional value and performance.

dBMAN V is a dBASE compatible relational database management system and
features more than 200 enhanced and powerful commands and functions over
dBASE III Plus.  dBMAN V allows most dBASE III Plus applications to run on
Linux without modification. The product is targeted for non programmers and
developers who need database management systems.

With dBMAN V, Linux users can easily create databases and perform ad hoc
queries/edits with English like commands. With dBMAN's "band" style
relational report generator, simple and complex reports can be easily
created without programming.  Columnar and multi-line reports like sales
analysis, invoices, statements, and inventory control sheets can be created.
Report layouts are designed on screen in "bands", and fields can be moved,
copied, deleted, and added by simple keystrokes.

Linux developers can now develop commercial grade multi-user applications
with easy to program dBASE-like language.  dBMAN's powerful commands and
functions allow developers to create applications with friendly user
interface in color using menus, windows and prompt messages.  Commercial
applications such as accounting systems, payroll, inventory control, point
of sale, pest control, heavy machinery maintenance tracking systems are some
examples of applications which have been successfully developed with dBMAN.

Developers can also enjoy an additional benefit of being able to develop
true multi-user commercial applications on Linux inexpensively and run them
on other dBMAN platforms with no change to the programs or the data.
Developers can leverage this tremendous portability to penetrate different
market segments.

-dBMAN V is also available on over 30 platforms including MS DOS, LAN, SCO
UNIX, HP 9000, SUN SPARC AIX RS/6000, DEC, Xenix, Coherent, mainframes and more.
-dBMAN V multi-user version for Linux is priced at $188 for unlimited users
on a single system. With this low price application developers can now
combine dBMAN and Linux for an extremely low cost yet powerful multi-user
-dBMAN V for Linux requires only 500KB of RAM and less than 2MB of disk storage.
-Please see the end of this message for a complete technical specifications

The package comes ready to run on your Linux system and includes a full set
of manuals.  A total of 400+ pages of both user and reference manuals is
included with this high value product.
Single User single CPU: only $99.
Multi-user single CPU:  only $188

Resellers, VARS, and OEMs can offer dBMAN to their customers at attractive
margins.  Please contact any of the following:

In North America Please Contact:
VersaSoft Corporation
4340 Almaden Expressway, Suite 1 lO,  San Jose, CA 95118, U.S.A.
Tel (408)723 9044,  Fax (408)723 9046

ACC Bookstore's PC Unix and Linux Catalog:
136 Riverside Ave,  Westport CT O6880
Tel: (800) 546-7274 or (203) 454-5500,  Fax: (203) 454-2582

In Europe Please Contact:
Lasermoon Ltd.
2a Beaconsfield Rd, Fareham,  Hants.  England  Po16 0QB
Tel: +44 (0) 329 826444,  Fax:  +44 (0) 329 825936


* dBMAN V is a dBASE compatible relational database management system that
allows most PC DOS dBASE III+ applications to run with no change on Linux
and over 30 platforms including DOS, LAN, SCO UNIX, HP 9000, SUN SPARC, AIX
RS/6000, DEC, Xenix, Coherent and more.  dBMAN applications developed on one
platform will run on other dBMAN platforms with no change.
* dBMAN V features more than 200 enhanced and powerful commands and
functions over dBASE III Plus.
* Scrollable windows. Menus UDFs Nested GET/READ. Multi-dimensional arrays.
File and record lock. Data encryption and protection at field level.
* Ad hoc query/edit a database.
* Relational report generator that creates complex reports without
programming. Columnar or multi-line reports can be created, including sales
analysis, invoices, statements, and inventory control sheets.  Report
layouts are designed onscreen in "bands," and fields can be moved, copied,
deleted, and added by simple keystrokes.
* Source-level de* and lets users set breakpoint, single-step, and edit
source code while debugging.
* Runtime license are also available.
* Uses termcap file and supports color terminals.


Fields per record          256
Bytes per record           8000
Record per database        1 Billion
# of workarea              50
Max # of active workarea   50
Max # of active dbf file   50
Max index key length       128 bytes
Max # of fields in a key   8
# of index files per dbf   limited by systems

Character     254 (max)
Date          01/01/1201 to 12/31/9999
Numeric       15 digits
Largest       999,999,999,999,999
Smallest      0.00000000000000001
Memo          64KB

Max # of variables           32,000
Max # of bytes               32,000
Multi Dimensional Array
Max dimension                10
Max # of elements per array  6,400

Command line length    1024 characters
GETs per window        user defined
Procedure per file     unlimited
# of active procedure  file  unlimited
Max # of open files    limited by system

IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and 100% compatibles:
Operating System:  PC DOS or MS DOS v2.0 or later (v3.1 and later for LAN
Ram             520 KB min.
Disk Storage    2 MB max
Display         B&W or Color

Call for platform or see price list.
Operating System    Call for OS and version
RAM                 550 KB plus 128 KB per user
Disk Storage        2 MB max
Terminals           B&W or Color ASCII terminals
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"Home of the PC UNIX - Linux Catalog"
1 (800) 546-7274


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