fvwm-0.91 upload is corrupt

fvwm-0.91 upload is corrupt

Post by Robert Nati » Thu, 29 Jul 1993 00:05:18

The file uploaded for fvwm-0.91.tar.z, which was announced earlier,
is corrupt. Please do not download it.

I will upload a new copy as soon as my network access machine gets
repaired. (Don't know when, sorry). In the mean time, I can mail copies
to anyone who doesn't mind an 85Kbyte mail message.

Rob Nation



1. fvwm-0.91 X-11 Window Manager uploaded to sunsite

Fvwm release 0.91 has been uploaded to sunsite, as file

Fvwm is a light-weight window manager which provides a simple virtual
desktop and a 3-D look for windows decorations.

Memory consumption for Fvwm is about 1/2 to 1/3 that of twm.

Several bug fixes have been made since release 0.9:
1. Problems with dialog boxes not appearing, and programs locking up,
   in particular xman.
2. Several stupid typos.
3. A problem with the high-light colors looking odd.

In addition, some new features have been added:
1. Click to focus mode. This is not compatible with keyboard shortcuts (yet).
2. DontMoveOff option, makes it impossible to loose a window by moving
   or placing it off the screen.
3. Some decorative improvements.
4. A restart option.

All these improvements have not increased the program size.

A Linux binary is included. To use it, you need Xfree86-1.3, and libc-4.4.1.
Rob Nation


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