fvwm-0.97 X Window System Window Manager on Sunsite

fvwm-0.97 X Window System Window Manager on Sunsite

Post by Robert Nati » Thu, 23 Sep 1993 07:21:34

Fvwm release 0.97 (source only) has been uploaded to sunsite,
as file /pub/Linux/Incoming/fvwm-0.97-source.tar.z and

Fvwm is a light-weight window manager which provides a simple virtual
desktop, a 3-D look for windows decorations, and color icons.

Memory consumption for Fvwm is about 1/2 to 1/3 that of twm.
Fvwm is targeted at machines with too little memory, and at laptops
on which mouse usage may be awkward. All window manager functions
can be performed (conveniently) without a mouse.

I will be unable to generate a binary distribution for 1 or 2 weeks. If
someone else would like to do it for me, please do.

In this release we have the following several new features:
1. Maximize takes optional arguments to effect maximize vertical or
   maximize horizontal.
   (See the Maximize portion of the man page.)
2. A WindowList similar to TwmWindows.
   (See the WindowList section of the man page).
3. SuppressIcons. Can be used in conjunction with WindowList to
   achieve an icon manager.
   (See SuppressIcons in the man page).
3. AutoRaise (delay)
   (See the AutoRaise part of the man page).
4. Improved click-to-focus handling
5. Ability to construct complex functions
   (See the Function part of the man page)
6. A default icon (see the Icon section of the man page)
7. User selectable button decoration styles (see the ButtonStyle
   section of the man page.)
8. A CursorMove function for mouseless operation
   (see the CursorMove section of the man page).
9. The start of an mwm_like.fvwmrc for mwm fans.
10. Option for 2 column menus so you can list your shortcuts there
    (like mwm).

Important Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed some problems with binding keyboard keys to decoration points.
2. Fixed internal error found when de-iconifying windows.
3. (Finally) fixed the xterm-solid/hollow cursor problem.
4. Fixed button 2 problems with click-to-focus mode.
5. Fixed some aligned problems with shaped windows.
6. See the ChangeLog for more details

Note: If you want to use color icons, you will need to get the Xpm libraries:
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm-3.2g.tar.Z for the Xpm library, or
 /pub/Linux/X11/libs, file libXpm32g.tar.z. for a pre-compiled shared
                       library of libXpm for Linux.
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm1icons.tar.Z, sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm2icons.tar.Z, more sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm3icons.tar.Z, still more sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/ctwm-3.0.tar.Z, pull out the icons. ctwm has really nice
                        color icons.

Rob Nation



1. fvwm-0.9 X-Window Manager placed on Sunsite

Fvwm release 0.90 has been uploaded to sunsite, as file

Fvwm is a light-weight window manager which provides a simple virtual
desktop and a 3-D look for windows decorations.

Memory consumption for Fvwm is about 1/2 to 1/3 that of twm.

Many bug fixes have been made since release 0.82. In addition,
some new features have been added:
1. Picture Icons
2. Automatic placement of icons on the left and bottom of the screen.
3. DecorateTransients and RandomPlacement options, which work as in Twm
4. Keyboard shortcuts which allow completely mouse-less window manager
5. Sub-menus. These are not pull-right menus, but they are
   sub-menus. As an example, a sub-menu is used to get confirmation
   of the "Quit Fvwm" selection in the standard configuration file.
6. Title-bar button uses can now be specified by the user's configuration

All these improvements have not increased code size, but stack + data
size has increased about 4 percent.

One feature which has not been added is a re-start option. This is
not included because it is only used during configuration, and can
be emulated by moving an xterm to the last line of your xinitrc file,
and then killing and restarting the window manager at will.

A Linux binary is included. To use it, you need Xfree86-1.3, and libc-4.4.1.
Rob Nation


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