Probe Pci and the PCI Hardware list.

Probe Pci and the PCI Hardware list.

Post by Frederic POTT » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 00:24:06

Volonteers needed for the PCI hardware list.

PROBEPCI is a small utility which detect and reports all the
PCI agents of your computer. It reports manufacturer, device
revision etc... It also recognize the CPU to PCI bridge,
which is the component that makes the quality (and speed)
of your mainboard.

The PCI specification leaves to the bridge manufacturer many
choices to implement a powerfull or simple bridge by the
optional use of prefetch buffers, pipelined access, or any
other technic that could speed up the data transfers.

Arbitration protocol, latency of substractif decodes ( i.e.
the non-PCI peripherals) also rely on the CPU to PCI bridge
and the PCI to ISA bridge.

It is likely that the difference between the manufacturers of
bridges can be as important in the speed of the transaction
as the type of your VGA chipset for video access.

As the recognized chip list is now very small (i.e. my system
+ NCR and Adaptec) I would like PCI users to send me the ids
PCIPROBE as detected on their system, with their chipset name
to enlarge the recognized hardware list.

Location                        : and its mirrors
Directory                       : /pub/linux/sources/sbin
File                            : probepci-0.2.tar.gz

To run this software, you need modutils and a kernel with PCI
support, and of course a PCI mainboard.




PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


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