Boo-boo in XFree86 1.3 linux binaries (Cirrus driver)

Boo-boo in XFree86 1.3 linux binaries (Cirrus driver)

Post by David Wexelbl » Sat, 19 Jun 1993 03:03:37

Apparently something happened to the source tree Zorst used to build
the 1.3 binaries.  This led to a bug in the Cirrus driver that causes
the server to crash.  Zorst will be looking into this, and checking if
any other problems exist, and will make a new binary update available
when all the problems are resolved.  In the meantime, you can work
around the problem as follows:

        1) Get the 1.3 Link Kit from the archives.
        2) Install the Link Kit
        3) cd to /usr/X386/lib/Server/drivers/vga256/cirrus
        4) Edit cir_driver.c and add the line
           between the NoopDDA and cirrusSetRead lines in the definition
           of the CIRRUS structure
        5) cd to /usr/X386/lib/Server, read the README, and rebuild
           the server from the link kit.

Sorry for the hassles.


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