Sasteroids 1.2 Released

Sasteroids 1.2 Released

Post by Brad Pitze » Sun, 15 May 1994 07:10:08


This is to announce the release of Sasteroids v1.2 (source), a svgalib
(not X) asteroids-type game with joystick support.

I have uploaded it to:

where it will probably be moved to:

and where it will probably go in:

Note: You need gcc 2.5.8, c++ libraries, and svgalib110 (or greater)
to compile this game.  A binary version will be distributed soon.

Some of the changes from 1.1 to 1.2

        Added proper keyboard support for game play (using scancodes).
        Press the left arrow key to start rotating left, release the key to
        stop rotating, etc..  Note that you lose vc-switching (ALT-F?)
        during game play.  I'll try to fix this in a future version.

        99% of floating point math replaced with fixed point math. Results
        in a big speed increase on computer's without a FPU.

        A new alien that sort-of morphs from the medium sized asteroid.
        Doesn't shoot, just stumbles around trying to crash into you.  It
        takes a few shots to kill him.

        Changed the movement of the enemy spaceships to be a little more
        evil :-)

        More levels added, and the game play has changed a bit.  Also, the
        shooting alien is a little tougher, but appears less often when the
        screen is filled with asteroids.

        New fonts.

        other stuff too, see the CHANGELOG file in the distribution.

        (no sound yet! I'm working on it :-)



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1. Sasteroids 1.1a binary release


This is to announce the release of Sasteroids v1.1a (binary), a svgalib
(not X) asteroids-type game.

I have uploaded it to:


Since sasteroids version 1.1 requires gcc 2.5.8 and recent g++ libraries to
compile, this binary has been made available.

Version 1.1a source will be release as soon as it compiles under gcc 2.4.5.

Some of the changes from 1.0 to 1.1a:

        Joystick support added (you need the joystick kernel patches if you
        want to use the joystick, but not if you just want to use the

        Fixed compilation problems (with gcc 2.5.8).  

        Ncurses no longer needed to compile.  

        Floating point math removed from some areas (faster for those
        without a math co-pro).

        Performance is a *bit* more stable under varying CPU loads.


        Sasteroids is an asteroids-like game, the whole point to shoot
asteroids and an occasional enemy space ship.  Ok, so its not DOOM, but it
can be amusing.  This started out as a direct port of xasteroids to run
under svgalib (a wonderful super-vga graphics library by Harm Hanemaayer),
but I then decided that 256 color bitmap graphics would be more fun, then
rewrote it in C++, then added a high-score list, a title screen, changed the
game here and there, etc, anything to avoid school work.

Here's where the file may eventually end up:

Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/Linux/games/

Site2        =
Path2        = /pub/linux/binaries/


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