Release 0.7 of diald (a demand dialing daemon)

Release 0.7 of diald (a demand dialing daemon)

Post by Eric Sche » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 00:03:44

I am happy to to announce the release of version 0.7 of diald.
This is the seventh ALPHA release of this code. This release
introduces time restrictions on connections, several new
filtering rules for controlling connection uptime, as well
as a few bug fixes and other minor feature upgrades.

For those who do not already know, diald is a daemon that
does demand dialing for PPP and SLIP. The purpose of diald
is to make it transparently appear that you have a permanent connection
to a remote site. Diald sets up a "proxy" device which stands in for
the physical connection to a remote site. It then monitors the proxy,
waiting for packets to arrive. When interesting packets arrive
it will attempt to establish the physical link to the remote site
using either SLIP or PPP, and if it succeeds it will forward traffic
from the proxy to the physical link. As well, diald will monitor
traffic once the physical link is up, and when it has determined
that the link is idle, the remote connection is terminated. The
criteria for bringing the link up and taking it down are configurable
at run time, and are based upon the type of traffic passing over the link.

As I said before, this is still ALPHA code, your mileage may vary!
I'm using diald daily, and it works for me, but I can't anticipate
every software/hardware configuration out there. For reference,
I wrote and tested diald on a system running bleeding edge
Linux 1.1.*. Currently I'm up to Linux 1.2.0. I've tested diald
using both pppd-2.1.2b and pppd-940914 and it should work with either.
I've had reports that people cannot get it to work with 1.0.x series
kernels. If anyone does get it working with 1.0.x series kernels
I'd be interested to hear about it.

The file is diald-0.7.tar.gz. As usual I've uploaded it to It should move to after a suitable interval.

-- eric


Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto


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