Adaptec 274x/284x/294x release #1

Adaptec 274x/284x/294x release #1

Post by John Ayco » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 19:05:28

This is what used to be the aha274x SCSI driver, renamed to reflect
the cards it now supports.  It's not quite ready for the kernel yet,
but we'd like feedback on how well it works, especially with the 2940
cards.  It can be obtained from in

Note that this, like the aha274x, is BETA software.

Quote:>From the README-FIRST:

The 274x/284x support is basically the same as in the kernel, with
some minor structural changes.  The 294x support is preliminary, with
a few things still hardwired (like the SCSI ID and FIFO threshold).
You have been warned.

To function properly, you must use this with a kernel version 1.1.68
or above - these have the SCSI changes in the kernel which support
varying numbers of outstanding SCSI commands per driver instance (they
also contain the Adaptec PCI definitions).

You can find instructions in the SCSI-HOWTO on how to install SCSI
drivers into the kernel.  In a nutshell, find all the aha274x stuff
and change it to aic7xxx.

Please direct all problems to the AIC7770 mailing list - see the README
for details.


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.