IMPORTANT NOTICE to PRE-RELEASE users of e2fsprogs 0.5b

IMPORTANT NOTICE to PRE-RELEASE users of e2fsprogs 0.5b

Post by Theodore Ts' » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 03:54:15

If you picked up a pre-release version of e2fsprogs 0.5b, please read

[A pre-release version of e2fsprogs can be distinguished by a date before
 14-Feb-95 when the version banner is printed:

 e2fsck 0.5b, 8-Jan-95 for EXT2 FS 0.5a, 94/10/23

First of all, you should upgrade to the official 0.5b release (dated
14-Feb-95).  This way, when you submit bugs or need help recovering your
filesystem, you'll make my job a lot easier.  There are some filesystem
inconsisntencies which are only fixed if you are using the official 0.5b

Secondly, if you have created a filesystem which is greater than 2
Gigabytes using a pre-release mke2fs, there was a bug in at least some
pre-release versions where the calculation of how many inodes to create
overflowed, and your system may have been created with an insufficient
number of inodes.  In order to determine if this is a problem for you,
run "df -i" on that partition.  The ratio of inodes to 1024 byte
blocks should be approximately 1:4, assuming that you created the
filesystem using the standard 4096 byte inode ratio.

If you have significantly fewer inodes than this, you must first decide
whether or not this represents a problem for you.  If it is, you must
back up your filesystem to tape (or another disk), and then re-run the
production version of mke2fs over the filesystem.

Again, the production release version of 0.5b e2fsprogs can be found on, in the directory /pub/linux/packages/ext2fs.

                                                        - Ted


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