Linux Journal, Dec. Issue (#8) Table of Contents

Linux Journal, Dec. Issue (#8) Table of Contents

Post by Laurie Lynne Tucke » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 00:47:37

The December issue of Linux Journal (#8) will be printed soon, and we
will be mailing them a few weeks from now.  Subscription orders
received by Thursday, November 3rd will start with issue #8. For more

west coast business hours" at (206) 527-3385.

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                           LINUX JOURNAL
                     Issue #8 -- December 1994
                         Table of Contents

   Introducing Modula-3     -- by Geoff Wyant
      The right tool for building complex Linux applications
   X Window System Programming with Tcl and Tk     -- by Matt Welsh
      Unlock the power of X
   Linux Command Line Parameters     -- by Jeff Tranter
      Passing command line parameters to the kernel during system startup
      solves some programmers' testing problems
   What is a Linux
      The story behind the cover of this issue
   Linus Torvalds in Sydney     -- by Jamie Honan
      SLUGs in Australia?  Linus investigates

News and Articles:
    Linux System Administration: Fixing Your Clock
    The Term Protocol
       Running multiple tasks with a dialup connection
    Linux Meta-FAQ
    Linux Organizations

Regular Features:
    Stop the Presses: Linux Journal at Unix Expo
    Letters to the Editor
    Kernel Korner
    Product Review: Doom
    New Products
    Book Reviews
       Making TeX Work
       UNIX: An Open Systems Dictionary
       Linux - vom PC zur Workstation Grundlagen  (Review in German!)
       Linux Anwenderhandbuch                     (Review in German!)

Directories & Reference:
    Consultants Directory -- Consultants who work with Linux
    Linux Resources
    Advertisers Index

Coming in January:
    Introduction to LINCKS
    Remote Network Commands
    Connecting Your Linux Box to the Internet

Linux Journal is carried by some newsstands (including all Computer
Literacy stores in Silicon Valley) as well as delivered to newsstands
by a newsstand distributor.  If you know a place that sells magazines

call Ellie Weiss at SSC at (206) 527-3385.  Getting LJ on newsstands is
going to be one of the best ways we can show the non-Internet crowd
that Linux is for real.

Subscriptions are $19/year in the U.S., $24 in Canada,
$29 elsewhere for 12 issues from:
    Linux Journal
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    fax: +1 206-527-2806
    tel: +1 206-527-3385

Subscriptions begin with the *current* issue.  Back issues
are available (except for Issue #1, we're out) for $4 each,
or $6 each non-North American airmail.

Other questions/comments can be sent to:

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