NEWSPAK-1.7 uploaded to sunsite and tsx-11

NEWSPAK-1.7 uploaded to sunsite and tsx-11

Post by Vince Skah » Mon, 16 Aug 1993 05:43:10

I've uploaded newspak-1.7.tar.z to the incoming directories on both and

For those who aren't aware, newspak is an accumulation of USENET uucp,
news, and mail-related programs, all ready to compile under linux.  For
those who've been around c.o.l. since its beginning, think of it as an
integrated combination of USENET news with Ed Carp's "mailpak".

Past versions of newspak provide almost all of the uucp/news/mail binaries and
configuration files for SLS1.01 and above.  With this version, time
limitations resulting from "having a life (tm)" make a binary release

Accordingly, this release contains only the README.linux files, pertinent
configuration files, and whatever trivial patches might be necessary for
(given the vanilla sources) somebody to compile, install, and run any of
the following:

        News Transport

        C-news 02/23/93 (current) Performance Release.
        INN 1.4 - (current)


        uucp1.04 - Taylor uucp v1.04 configured in HoneyDanBer mode.
                This is so anonymous uucp in HDB mode will work
                (workaround for a Taylor UUCP bug in 1.04)

        News Readers

        tin1.2p1 - (current)
        trn3.1 - (one patch behind current)
        mthreads3.0 - (current) - trn3.1's threader
        nn6.4.18 - (current)

        Mail Transport

        smail3.1.28  - (current)

        Mail Readers

        elm2.4.22 - (current)

Installation tree(s):

With this release, I'm giving out the config files I use here, which
contain paths far from most people's ideas of 'standard'.

I do not use a 'typical' directory tree for USENET software, deciding
instead to keep everything under one /usenet tree. This is done so that
when disk space gets tight, I can move all the USENET stuff to another
partition very quickly.  It's real nice  to not have to search all over the
disk(s) for all the pieces...

But I know your idea of 'standard' is now seriously offended. :-)

That's why I provide all the config files for you to tweak.
If you grab all these files, grep for "/usenet" you'll get an idea of
how simple it is to do about anything you want.

[...hint - make sure the newsreaders know where 'inews' is located
                and that uucp Permissions files can find 'rnews'...]

[...hint #2 - I didn't mess with the paths in uucp and smail so
                they're the same as in the SLS binaries ...]

Paths used here

There's a /usenet tree with bin,man,lib,sw subdirectories.

Each package has its own /usenet/sw/<packagename> tree with bin,man,lib
subdirectories under it (as appropriate).

Each file in /usenet/man/man[1-8] is a link to the right file under the
various /usenet/sw/*/man/man[1-8] trees.  It's not too hard to set this
up with a simple 'find' command.

Each file in /usenet/bin is a link to the right file under the various
/usenet/sw/*/bin trees.  Again, you can set this up with a simple 'find'
        cd /usenet/sw/elm/bin
        for file in `ls -1`
                echo $file
                ln -s /usenet/sw/elm/bin/$file /usenet/bin/$file

/usenet/spool contains the nndb, in.coming, out.going, out.master, and
article trees for the articles themselves.

It's all much simpler in practice than it sounds :-)

To make these paths work

add /usenet/man to MANPATH
add /usenet/sw to PATH
explicitly call the full path to rnews in /usr/lib/uucp/Permissions

About patches to 'normal sources':

Linux is getting so good, there really aren't many anymore.  
I've noted the patches required in the various README.Linux files.

So where are the sources ?

Since stuff compiles so cleanly, I'm not going to provide them and waste
many MB of space on the ftp sites.  Instead, this tree contains the config
files you can use to make the binaries...assuming you got the sources from
'the usual places' (in many cases, is a good place to start).

Recommended environment

These should compile without problems on SLS 0.99-11 with gcc 2.4.3 and
gcclib 4.4.1 just fine.  The system these goodies were compiled on is as
                SLS 1.02 (0.99-8, gcc-2.3.3, jump4.3)
                plus the following upgrades:
                        0.99-11a kernel

About training:

The intent of newspak is to accumulate ready-to-go USENET programs for
you to run.  In doing so, I'm assuming that you know either how to run USENET
software or who to ask for help.

I do not plan to include a unified 'how to be a USENET weenie' set of
documents, since the subject is so well documented already.

There are UUCP/NEWS/MAIL Frequently Asked Questions in both the Linux FAQ
and in a separate more detailed posting in comp.os.linux.announce.  Please
read them a few times to make both our lives easier.

For what it's worth, I recommend that all USENET admins:

        1. read the news.admin hierarchy and news.answers.
        2. learn what's in the 'how to find sources' FAQ
        3. lean on your more experienced uucp neighbors to help
                you get experienced too
        4. participate in the news.* hierarchy and the comp.mail.*
                hierarchy on USENET.  Just reading them will eliminate
                most of the frequently-asked-questions you'll come up with.
        5. buy 'Zen and the Art of Internet' and/or the 'Whole Internet Guide'
                from a local technical bookstore so you learn what you're
                connecting to.
        6. buy 'Managing UUCP and USENET', which is, in my opinion, the
                best book out there for figuring out the programs and
                protocols involved in being a USENET site.
        7. learn how to use 'kill files' rather than flaming back.
        8. learn how to hit the 'delete' key when some joker flames you
                for asking something.
        9. realize that you'll be lost at the beginning and don't let it
                bother you.  

Standard disclaimer:

I know of no bugs in any of the items herein that are different than the
bugs you see running these programs under other variants of Unix.  In other
words, this should be bug-compatible with what you're familiar with if you
run these programs on other platforms and operating systems. Any patches were
done to simply get 'em to compile under Linux.

However, I accept absolutely no responsibility for any potential effects or
costs associated with this software acting unexpectedly or adversely on
your system.  Use of the included programs or config files is entirely at
your own risk.

In case of problems:

It's entirely possible that I forgot to mention something related to which
config file(s) a particular package is looking for (and where).  Feel free
to drop me a line via e-mail and I'll get back to you as I can find time.
Definitely let me know if you have significant problems with these goodies
or if you have constructive suggestions and/or comments.

I will NOT (!) answer questions that indicate to me that you haven't
attempted to read the documentation and/or man pages.  If you get a
response that says 'read the stinking man page', that's exactly what I
mean.  If it's obvious that you tried to read it, but didn't understand
something, I'll try to reply eventually within the constraints of my
limited time, but please realize that I'm busy too.

Lastly, don't even bother trying to flame me for some perceived problems in
this or any other software...I don't need the blood pressure and any such
messages will be simply deleted immediately without any response.


Newspak is not 'my' work.  It's the accumulation of the work, and evidence
of the commitment and generosity, of many people who have made Linux what
it is.  Their work, and their help, is much appreciated !!!

                                        Vince Skahan
                                        August 13, 1993

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