COMMERCIAL: Moo-Tiff: A port of Motif 2.0

COMMERCIAL: Moo-Tiff: A port of Motif 2.0

Post by Joel Goldberge » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

                       ANNOUNCING the MOO-TIFF CD-ROM            

At Last!  An affordable version of the popular 100% OSF/MOTIF-compatible
Graphical User Interface for PC's running LINUX!  This CD includes
complete runtime and development environment, providing everything needed
to run mwm and develop 100% OSF/Motif-compatible applications. Derived &
built from the original Motif 2.0 source tree from the Open Software Foundation.

Packages included on the CD-ROM:
* mvm (the Window Manager)                  * Shared Library (eg libXm, LibMrm)
* Static Libraries (libXm, LibMrm & libUil) * Header & Include Files
* Source Code for OSF/Motif demos           * OSF/Motif Users Guide (on-line)
* Versions for X11R5 and X11R6 (R6 in a.out & ELF format)

Documentation :
* Users Guide                       * Widget Guide
* Programmers guide                 * Style Guide
in both postscript and ASCII formats.

Demo Programs include:
* Clipboard - cut & paster between apps       * hellomotif - button-press demo
* periodic  - periodic table of Motif Widgets * textedit   - text editor
* xmpiano   - muscic editor example           * xmsamplers- lots of Motif demos!
* DragAndDrop - sample Drag & Drop aps (requires color screen)
(for your convenience, we've even included all the source code for the demos!)

And better still, you get a mass of Freeware including the
archives, comp.x.sources and much, much more.

Upgrades to futher releases of Linux will be available for Moo-Tiff licencee's
as required. Watchout for Moo-Tiff BULLitens on the Net!

Please remember that this is NOT Free Software - a user licence is included
with each copy of Moo-Tiff

Priced at $99.00/copy.

Call for more details :

InfoMagic, Inc.                         Lasermoon Ltd
PO Box 30370                            2a Beaconsfield Road,
Flagstaff, AZ 86003-0370                Fareham,
                                        PO16 0QB

Phone: (800) 800-6613 or (520) 526-9565 +44 (0)329 826444
Fax  : (520) 526-9573                   +44 (0)329 825936


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1. Moo-Tiff or SWIN for Motif 2.0

Subject: Moo-Tiff or SWIN for Motif 2.0
Date: 1995/04/21

X-Deja-AN: 101365786

organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
newsgroups: comp.os.linux.misc

Hi Everyone,

I had a copy of SWIN (linux motif 1.23) and would like to
get a newer copy of motif 2.0 for linux.  Can anyone give
me some comparison about Moo-Tiff and SWIN 2.0?



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