LOCAL: German Linux Users meeting in Tuebingen

LOCAL: German Linux Users meeting in Tuebingen

Post by joost schuu » Sun, 18 Jun 1995 04:00:00

 A N N O U N C E M E N T :

   LUGT, the Linux Users Group Tuebingen invites all interested
   persons to a nationwide Linux Users Meeting in the picturesque
   Tuebingen, Germany.

   Our intention is to meet in a relaxed summer athmosphere, bbq,
   ride 'Stockerkahn' boats on the river Neckar (Tuebingen specialty)
   and of course discuss Linux.

   We don't intend this to be a formal conference with set speeches and
   workshops, but rather in informal occasion to get to know the people
   behind Linux in Germany and exchange personal experience and tips
   and tricks.

So where is this?

   Tuebingen, 30 km south of Stuttgart (in southern Germany)

And when?

   August, 4th/5th/6th, 1995 (a weekend)

Who's coming?

   Originally intended as a small meeting of people on the LUGT mailing
   list, we now plan to do this on a somewhat larger scale. People from
   the #linuxger channel from irc are coming too, as well as people we
   meet this year at the Linux conference in Berlin this year and
   other people we're in touch with via email and otherwise. Everyone
   who wishes to join us is cardially invited.

Further details?

   Further details such as travel routes, schedualed events, list of
   participants, costs, where to sleep and how to sign up for this
   event will be announced soon. Right now we're just collecting
   names of people who are interested in participating. Suggestions
   on what to do over the weekend are also welcome.

   If you're interested in coming, send a mail to

   with 'Linux-Treffen' in the subject line. Updates (in German) can be
   found on our web pages at


Stay tuned,

   the organisation team



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