Linux Doc Project WWW pages available for FTP mirror

Linux Doc Project WWW pages available for FTP mirror

Post by Matt Wel » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 15:00:40

The Linux Documentation Project WWW site,
is now available for mirroring via FTP. Sunsite can be quite loaded and
it would be nice if other WWW site admins would mirror these pages and
provide links to them.

To mirror these pages, configure your FTP mirror software to download
from The login user is "linuxdoc", password "linuxdoc".
(Do not use user "anonymous" as this points to another FTP area.) Download
all files in the directory /mdw, preserving the directory organization
exactly. The files have many relative hypertext links and if you change
their organization there will be problems. The whole tree is about 9MB in
size right now.

Note that this should only be used for mirroring of the entire LDP tree
for distribution on other sites. All of the LDP docs are available via
FTP from if you want to get individual

and let me know, so I can add your site to the list of mirrors.

Have fun,


1. WWW: WCU Linux Project Web page


check out: !

A group of students at West Chester University in Pa., USA, have become
involved in a Linux research project.  In a nutshell we are studying
systems administration as well as various implementations of Linux as
educational tools for students and faculty at the school.

We hope you'll check out our website to find out what we're up to, and we
invite all support, inquiries, comments, input, output, criticisms,
suggestions, or any other correspondence.

Specifically, we are hoping to secure hardware donations, either private
or corporate, to further enhance our project.  On our wish list in
order of importance are the following:

1) X terminals, so that we can teach Linux classes in the main lab.
2) drive space (SCSI), to support NNTP, possible mirroring, and more users
3) we need another server at some point to support more of the above.
4) a personal favor - I'd like to run an Amiga as a Linux server.  This is
something that can only happen through a donation as we will never get
grant money for an Amiga.

We plan to submit a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation, but
many of the founders of the project may be graduated before that comes
through.  Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated!  Remember,
donations may be tax deductible (at least in the US).

We would also like to communicate with others who are involved in various
university-level Linux based projects so that we might bounce ideas off of
one another.

Bill Ryder

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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