Tape backup/archive program

Tape backup/archive program

Post by Yusuf Nagre » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00

 This is to announce the release of a new archive program (beta release)
 for Linux. This program overcomes the limitations of tar/cpio by providing
 a friendly user interface, similar to the Norton Commander style. Files
 are easily selected and backup/restorations started with one key.

 Compression using gzip is supported.

 A directory of files is stored at the beginning of the tape so that one
 can easily see what files are on the tape without having to traverse the
 whole tape.

 Files can be added to an archive/tape until the tape is full.

 Program is available at sunsite.unc.edu and has been uploaded into
 /pub/Linux/Incoming, though hopefully should be moved soon to
 /pub/Linux/system/Backup. Filename taper21.tar.gz.

 For utilising tapes, ftape or similiar is required. SCSI tapes may be
 supported directly from the kernel.

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