BCG-game-pack-1.0.bin.ELF.tgz uploaded to

BCG-game-pack-1.0.bin.ELF.tgz uploaded to

Post by Zhuo Er L » Wed, 28 Dec 1994 23:01:23

BCG stands for Bridge, Chinese chess, GO.

The package includes okbridge2, xiccc, xigc clients to play bridge,
Chinese chess and GO online in servers. You can run them to
check more information in the corresponding server.

Here is the lsm file:

Title        = BCG-game-pack
Version      = 1.0
Desc1        = Binary package of Bridge client, Chinese chess client
Desc2        = and GO client and man pages
Desc3        = okbridge2 is a bridge client, type /help in it for detail
Desc4        = xiccc is a client for X-windows, xgo is a handy script to run
Desc5        = xigc is a Chinese client for X-windows.
Maintainer   = Eric Lin  (ze in okbridge)

Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/Linux/games ?
File1        = BCG-game-pack-1.0.bin.ELF.tgz
Required1    = ELF libraries
Required2    = Join Linux GCC channel for ELF details
Keywords     = bridge, chinese, chess, go, GO, game, X, ELF
RelFiles1    = <a href=> for okbridge intro
RelFiles2    =
RelFiles3    = for xigc and xiccc sources.

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PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.