Taper - Backup software for tape drives, floppies, files, ZIP drives...

Taper - Backup software for tape drives, floppies, files, ZIP drives...

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This is to announce the release of a late alpha version of Taper.
This is considered late alpha because of the monumental changes in
the info file structure and handling. Archives made under previous
versions of taper are compatible with the new release, however, the
info files will have to be recreated using the utility menu.

Major changes in taper 6.8
- ---------------------------

*  Uses m-tree indexed info files so that the info data is not stored
   in memory, hence system load and memory usage has plummetted.
   Results in four info files per archive - base, data and two index
   files. The index files do not need to be saved since they
   can be regenerated with a new utility - reindex info file

*  New option - --size-dirs : allows you turn of sizing of directories
   while selecting files for backup

*  New option - --unattended-id : when doing an unattended backup,
   allows you to specify which archive to add a backup to abort backup
   if that tape is not in the drive

*  Get file details in backup & restore windows

*  Able to search archive for a particular file

*  Able to search disk directory for a particular file

*  Able to jump to a particular directory in backup or restore

*  Long filenames are handled better - like midnight commander

*  Few changes to user interface for more consistency : see changes file
   for details

*  Few bug fixes including in auto-detecting end of tape

Title:          Taper
Version:        6.8.0a1
Entered-date:   29mar97
Description:    This is a tape backup and restore program that provides
                a friendly user interface to allow backing/restoring
                files to a tape drive. Alternatively, files can be backed
                up to hard disk files. Selecting files for backup and restore
                is very similar to the Mouseless Commander interface and
                allows easy traversal of directories. Recursively selected
                directories are supported. Incremental backup and automatic
                most recent restore are defaults settings. SCSI, ftape,
                zftape, and removable drives are supported (ide tape drives
                in ALPHA stage)
                Information about archives is stored on the hard disk
                allowing information about  archives to be obtained without
                having to have the tape in the drive.
                        Web Page: www.multiline.com.au/~yusuf
Keywords:       Tape, Backup, Archive

Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu  /pub/Linux/system/Backup/taper-6.8.0a1.tar.gz
                tsx-11.mit.edu /pub/linux/sources/sbin/taper-6.8.0a1.tar.gz
                Also available from web page
                Approx 300K
Platforms:      linux > 1.2.1
                ncurses >= 1.9.6 with the forms library
                GCC > 2.6.1
Copying-policy: GPL

Cheers, Yusuf
- ----------------------------------
- From Yusuf Nagree

Author & Maintainer of Taper
Latest Stable version 6.7.4 Aug 1996
Latest Alpha verison 6.8.0a1 March 1997
Web Page:  www.multiline.com/~yusuf

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