COMMERCIAL: LinkScan checks for broken links and creates Site Maps

COMMERCIAL: LinkScan checks for broken links and creates Site Maps

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      Electronic Software Publishing Corporation Introduces LinkScan

          LinkScan checks for broken links and creates Site Maps

Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) today announced LinkScan,
the first and only commercially available linkchecker that operates on UNIX
servers. Designed to work on both internet and intranet servers, LinkScan can
test over 30,000 links per hour because it is the only link checker that uses
multi-threaded simultaneous processing. LinkScan also produces two revolutionary

types of maps of websites. LinkScan's SiteMap enables the user to produce a
site map that includes every link on a website arranged in a hierarchical format

that resembles a book's table of contents. LinkScan's TapMap is an expandable
and collapsible site map that allows viewers to tap down through the various
and multiple levels of a website to quickly and easily navigate and explore
the website by tapping on a few control icons.

Within a web site, LinkScan offers the following features:

- - Scans for missing HTML documents, images and other files
- - Validates all internal hyperlinks
- - Checks all name tags and references
- - Creates two types of site maps or table of contents suitable for publication
- - Discovers orphaned files

More importantly, LinkScan will probe each one of your external hyperlinks to
other web sites. Scanning these links on a regular basis is essential because
you do not have any control over those remote sites. LinkScan detects many
different errors most of which will appear as "broken links" and frustrate your
visitors. These conditions include:

- - Servers that are not found (no DNS entry)
- - Documents that are not found
- - URL's that have relocated
- - URL's that cannot be accessed (e.g. unauthorized or forbidden)
- - URL's that time out

A unique combination of features have been designed into LinkScan making it the
most comprehensive and powerful tool of its kind. These include:

- - Multi-threaded simultaneous processing can check over 30 links concurrently
- - Benchmarked at over 30,000 links checked per hour
- - Can easily check websites with over 10,000 external and/or internal links
- - Multi-site manager for mutiple sites or sub-sites on a single server
- - Restart facilities to recover from system incidents during testing
- - Features for retesting only the "problem" links for managed maintenance
- - Test only internal links or all links at your option
- - Smart Probing of remote links for ultra-high accuracy
- - Facilities to maintain the history of each tested URL
- - Preventative maintenance now possible through reports on redirected links
- - Comprehensive reporting via a forms-based web browser
- - Reports including links to the target and source documents to aid follow-up
- - Reports that focus on specific problems for faster repair of critical items
- - Support for web access via a Proxy Server
- - Creation of SiteMaps for your entire websites and/or sub-directories
- - Customization features for designing your SiteMap to best display your site
- - The SiteMap is a display that looks like the table of contents of a book
- - The SiteMap also highlights new pages added within a defined period
- - The TapMap is an expandable and collapsible site map
- - Scheduled periodic overnite processing for regular site maintenance
- - Ad hoc custom reports created on the fly from your browser
- - Small setup file (less than 80K bytes) takes only seconds to download
- - Free 15 day evaluation for your test drive
- - Easy installation and operation
- - Complete documentation and a comprehensive FAQ
- - Designed for the professional webmaster of intranet and internet websites

Elsop's LinkScan reports and SiteMaps may be viewed using any of the standard
Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator 1.2 and up, and Microsoft Internet
Explorer on any platform including Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Macintosh, and, of
course, UNIX. LinkScan can be used by virtually anyone because it is designed
to run on industry standard UNIX, LINUX,  and Microsoft Windows NT web servers.


Free evaluation copies of LinkScan may be downloaded (less than 80K bytes)
from the company's website at:

Ken Churilla, President
Electronic Software Publishing Corporation

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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