COMMERCIAL: Trans-Ameritech CD-ROM release 4

COMMERCIAL: Trans-Ameritech CD-ROM release 4

Post by Roman Yanovsky ro.. » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 23:51:06

Trans-Ameritech Systems announcing the Linux Plus BSD  CD-ROM Release 4.

The company that pionered the Slackware distribution on a CD-ROM, the "live"
file-system and DOS-assisted installation procedures is proud to announce
a new revolutionary Installation Free (tm) release of Linux.

We hope you will find it easy to install and use. This CD-ROM has one feature  
not found on any other distribution of Linux: it is possible (and very easy!)
to start running Linux from your hard drive WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE NORMAL
INSTALLATION ROUTINE! It will work with ANY CD-ROM that DOS can read. The only
assumption that the automated procedure makes,is that you have an IDE drive C:
with at least 20 MB of disk space to automatically put a Linux system with
X-windows on! We call this a Test Drive. After going through this, you can
add software by a normal "setup" procedure or you can decide to dedicate a
partition to Linux.

The Release 4 is based on the brand new release of Slackware  2.0.1 that is
considered by the author (Patrick Volkerding) to be very stable and a major
milestone. The full Slackware tree (145 MB compressed!) is provided as well
as the Slackware sources tree. And of course the Trans-Ameritech trademark
"live" filesystem that can be used to save disk space. In addition to the
many kernels of all flavors that come with Slackware, we provide a number of
kernels based on the post-code-freeze Linux kernel 1.1.50. It has many
desirable features not found in the 1.0.x kernels standard with most
        Considerable improvements in disk performance - SCSI and IDE
        Support for huge IDE disks (over 1024 cylinders).
        Support for the IDE CD-ROMs (NEC 260).
        Standard support for UMSDOS filesystem.
        Way too much more to list here.

The highlights of this release:

        DOOM for Linux!!!
        Read-only Double-Space filesystem!
        NCR PCI SCSI.
        IDE CD-ROM support.
        TGIF - Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing facility under X11.
        An X server for et4000/w32-based boards.
        Software for the Ham Radio enthusiasts.
        Two sets of compilers and libs - 4.4.4 and 4.5.26
        Kernels from 1.0.9 to 1.1.50.
        qfax 1.0
        Jazz 1.0 - a  comfortable MIDI sequencer
        Easy configuration of Xwindows.
        New NTeX 1.2
        BSD Sendmail 8.6.9
        term 2.1.0
        calc2.9.3t8 - arbitrary precision calculator.
        irsim - An event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS circuits
        DOSEMU 52.3 beta for the new kernels.

        FreeBSD packages 1.1

Other important software:
        GNU emacs 19.25 and 19.26 for tty and X.
        Interviews - text and graphics utilities

If you prefer to go through a much more flexible custom installation, an MSDOS
based program provided on the CD-ROM ("install.exe") will help you make the
right choice of a boot kernel depending on the hardware that you have and will
actually create the two floppies to be used for Linux installation.
Furthermore, the "setup" script modified by the Trans-Ameritech, will put the
kernel used during the installation on your hard disk for use with actual
operation. This guarantees that all the hardware that worked during the
installation will continue to work afterwards.  

The important documentation is uncompressed and ready to read under DOS before
installing Linux on the CD-ROM.


The price for our current (Release 4) Linux Plus CD is $30

Below is the ordering information.

You can order by email, by phone (408)727-3883 or FAX (408)727-3882.

If you prefer to send a cheque/money order, our address is:

Trans-Ameritech Systems, Inc.
2342A Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051

If you order with a credit card (VISA, M/C, American Express) please indicate
the card number, expiration date and your mailing address.

The order will be processed and the CD shipped the same day.

Shipping and handling in US is $5, Canada/Mexico $6, Overseas $8.
COD is available in the US only for $4.50

California residents please add sales tax.

Anual subscriptions (4 Regular Releases) are available for $80 plus s&h.
(note: there are 4 shipments in a subscription)
Example subscription in US is: $80 + $5 * 4 = $100
Subscription in Europe/Japan etc. is: $80 + $8 * 4 = $ 112

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Trans-Ameritech Systems, Inc.
2342A Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Phone (408)727-3883
FAX   (408)727-3882.

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names referenced herein are trademarks of their respective companies.


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