New DIP-3.3.7-uri released

New DIP-3.3.7-uri released

Post by Uri Blumenth » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 02:14:35

[DIP is a program that dials and initiates a SLIP connection over the

New DIP-3.3.7-uri released. It's on ""...

A few patches applied, some cleanup. Should really
improve server functionality... Thanks to Rob
Jenssen for providing his "tty_notlocal()".



1. New DIP-3.3.7-uri released

I'm happy to announce new release of well-known DIP...
It's "dip337g-uri.tgz" on "", either
in "pub/Linux/Incoming", or "pub/Linux/system/Network/Serial".

Lots of upgrades, lots of patches... Thanks to Paul Cadach,
Pauline Middelink, Bill Reynolds, who kindly sent their
patches and mods to me.

In short:
        - it supports proxy arp now (much easier routing);
        - allows SLIP users not to be present in /etc/passwd (of
          course you don't HAVE to use this feature - I was begged
          to include it in the package, so I did :-);
        - powerful "config" command (again, it can be security hole
          of considerable size, but it's blocked by default - to use
          it you'd have to recompile "command.c";
        - DIP script language now supports variables.

Several other changes, fixes, streamlining, screwing up and such...
Please test it, especially dial-in part - I wasn't able to ensure
it handles line drops smoothly [in this release].

As always, thanks, bug reports (with fixes :-) and compliments are
welcome (:-).


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