pppcosts 0.04 - phone cost calculation for ppp dialup

pppcosts 0.04 - phone cost calculation for ppp dialup

Post by Tillmann Steinbreche » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00



I'd like to announce pppcosts 0.04.

pppcosts page:

pppcosts is a utility that calculates, displays and saves
online time and phone costs for ppp connections.
You can run it permanently in a small window to
keep track of monthly phone costs, for example.

pppcosts comes with many costfiles for various
phone companies (see below for a list). If your phone
company isn't included, then it's very easy to create
your own costfile.

pppcosts has been modified heavily since the last release.
The new features are:

- -   Implemented ISDN support with isdn4linux - finally!
- -   Added option to run in background using syslog
- -   Added "beep before new unit starts" option
- -   Added beeping options with costlimit
- -   Source code is now structured & commented.
- -   Now works with price per minute systems (e.g. in the UK).
    Total cost is stored in the costs file instead of the units.
- -   Added -t to specify delay seconds.
- -   Added DIAL_TIME define for more accurate measurement.
- -   New command line handling, new switch '-h' for help ;)

And, just like previous releases, pppcosts uses hardly any
system resouces.

The phone companies supported are:

- - France Telekom
- - Hungarian MATAV
- - Japanese NTT
- - Portugal Telecom
- - Slovene Telekom
- - Cambridge phone company
- - Oesterreichische Telekom
- - Belgian Belgacom
- - British Telecom
- - Swiss Telecom
- - Spanish Telefonica de Espana
- - Italian Telecom
- - Dutch PTT telecom
- - Polish Telekomunikacja Polska
- - South African Telkom

If you create a costfile for your company,
please send it to me so that I can include it
in the next release.

Feedback is very welcome. Also, if you'd like
to participate in beta testing of new releases,
let me know.

Downloading pppcosts:

To get pppcosts, go to the pppcosts page
for download links.

If you don't have WWW access, you can get it directly
from sunsite as soon as in becomes available there.
The location will be
sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/network/serial/
filename pppcosts-0.04.tgz (20K)

best regards,

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