Always IN2000 SCSI driver, release 0.3

Always IN2000 SCSI driver, release 0.3

Post by Larry Doolitt » Fri, 04 Mar 1994 05:54:13

Announcing a revised Always IN2000 SCSI adapter driver for Linux

  The original code was written and Copyright (C) 1993  Brad McLean.
  Freely adapted and modified by Shaun Savage and Larry Doolittle,
  with additional help from Jon Luckey, John Shifflett, and
  Roger Sunshine.

  This version should be appropriate for use with (at least)
  all pl14 and early pl15 kernels.  This is still an ALPHA driver.
  Trust it only as far as you can throw it.
  It is in the "it works for several of us" category.

This version includes a patch to ll_rw_blk.c that bypasses noted problems
with using a swap partition with this driver, and instructions for
possibly using it with tape drives.  Be extra cautious when using
multiple drives - at least one system hang has occurred on a three-drive

The files have been uploaded to, and
are in their "final resting places" :-) already.

Directory /pub/Linux/kernel/misc-patches
-rwxr--r--   1 ewt      ftp-admi    10293 Feb 28 21:50 in2000-0.3.tar.z
-rw-r--r--   1 ewt      ftp-admi     4208 Feb 28 21:50 in2000.README
  (note that the file in2000.tar.z is the previous version)

Directory /pub/Linux/kernel/images:
-rwxr--r--   1 ewt      ftp-admi     4208 Feb 28 21:51 in2000.README
-rwxr--r--   1 ewt      ftp-admi   264708 Feb 28 21:51 in2000.zImage

Make sure to look at the README carefully if you want to boot from
in2000.zImage .  I don't know what hardware you have, and hardware/driver
conflicts are known to occur with "kitchen sink" kernels.

Good luck!   - LRD


1. new Always-IN2000 scsi driver available

Hi everyone:

   A revamped IN2000 SCSI driver is available for download and
   testing at my ftp site:


   in the 'in2000' directory. It has what I think are a few
   improvements over the stock driver, including disconnect/
   reselect, synchronous transfer, easier debugging, command-
   line arguments for setting run-time parameters and debug
   output, and better FIFO handling. Swap partitions work now,
   as do tape drives and anything else that used to butt heads
   with the old driver's 1k block size limit. See the top
   of the 'in2000.c' file for more details.

   This is a rewrite of the in2000.[ch] files for Linux. They
   are drop-in replacements for the originals in linux/drivers/scsi
   - just copy them over the old ones. (Since hosts.c '#includes'
   in2000.h, you'll also need to do 'rm drivers/scsi/hosts.o' before
   recompiling if your's is a non-module setup.) The driver has
   been tested in 1.2.13 with and without ELF, and in the 1.3 series
   somewhere up into the 60's. I don't expect any problems with
   newer kernels. It is "modular-ised" for those who prefer that

   I have run a LOT of tests on this driver, and it seems very solid,
   including with up to 3 simultaneous large copy or tar commands
   running between 6 devices at once. Synchronous transfers seem to
   work fine, and I haven't had any trouble with devices choking on
   the sync-transfer message (yet!). Tape drives work well (finally!)
   and so do CD-ROM drives.

   I should mention that Drew Eckhardt's 'Generic NCR5380' sources
   were my main inspiration, with lots of reference to the IN2000
   driver currently distributed in the kernel source. I also owe
   much to a driver written by Hamish Mcdonald for Linux-m68k(!).
   And to Eric Wright for being an ALPHA guinea pig.

   Be forewarned that while I've had good luck with it, this
   is the first time it's been loose out in the wide world.
   It wouldn't suprise me if people uncover problems that
   I haven't caught....

   Please try the driver out. Test it, beat on it. And PLEASE get back
   to me - I really need to hear about bugs, stupid or bad code,
   and any ideas for enhancements.
   Thanks very much...

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