New Linux-Activists channel: LINUX-BBS

New Linux-Activists channel: LINUX-BBS

Post by TODD_SERULNEC » Wed, 30 Jun 1993 22:09:06

I'd like to announce the formation of a new mailnet channel tagged LINUX-BBS.

This channel is for linux administrators, programmers/developers, and anyone
interested in BBSs written  specifically with linux in mind and linux ports
of BBS's written for unix and other operating systems.

Discussion will also cover the mail daemons, processors, utilities and other
programs that work with the above BBSs (doors, games, chat, sysop util, etc.)

Posts asking for help with configurations, compilations, etc. are fine.
Posts about the development of linux versions of BBS's and utils are also fine.

Active open development for linux specific versions of BBS's and utils is

I ask that questions about generic unix stuff be posted elsewhere (cnews,
smail, uucico can be posted in ADMIN or in appropriate newsgroups), however, if the discussion relates to integrated generic unix stuff into a linux bbs (
getting your BBS to work with smail and trn, or read that type of mail and
news storage) that is welcome.

Rule of thumb: If your post contains the word "linux" and the word "bbs",
it is on topic and welcome. If it doesn't, it belongs somewhere else.

I am working on a BBS project of my own for linux, and I'm looking for assistance in the development and testing. I'll be real loud in this channel once it gets going about my project. My main reason for writing a BBS of my own, is that
none of them have the features I want.

For example: none of them handle fidonet mail in native format. They all gate it to RFC standard.

Many of the unix BBS's are bland, not user friendly, and deserve to be thrown
out the window for the bad taste they leave in your mouth.

The colorful BBS's are copies of existing DOS BBS's that aren't all that hot.
This one smells like WWIV and this other one smells like Opus.

If you are looking for a linux BBS you should check this out. If you are
looking for a linux BBS that will make the DOS BBS's look cheap in
comparison, you REALLY BELONG HERE.

with a single line in your email:
X-Mn-Admin: join LINUX-BBS

Once you have joined, to post send email to:


When you hook up, drop a note in telling us about your system and where
your interests lie. Are you developing? Porting? looking for a good bbs?
Do you want assist in development by beta and alpha testing or do you
want to help code.

As traffic increases, I'll start posting a LINUX-BBS FAQ - a list of BBS's
being discussed in the channel and what the scoop is on each. I'll also
post what development is occuring. And finally, we will have a list
of questions and answers.

Please join us.

I can be reached at:

        If you are in fidonet: 1:333/337 or 1:333/1.




1. ANNOUNCE: New channel "ANNOUNCE" on Linux-activists

Being the control fiend that I am, I just created a new channel on the
Linux-activists mailing list called "ANNOUNCE". Lars and I will mail
the announcements that we approve for comp.os.linux.announce to this channel,
for those of you who don't get c.o.l.a or who'd rather your announcements in
e-mail digest format. Basically, there won't be any discussion on this channel.
It will only be a mirror of the bandwidth on comp.os.linux.announce.

Now, VERY SOON Lars and I will no longer be crossposting announcements to
comp.os.linux-- we'll ONLY post them to comp.os.linux.announce. There IS a
"LNXMANAGE" Fidonet echo for c.o.l.a, and if you don't get c.o.l.a on your
system, please encourage your news administrators to create it. If they won't
budge, then just join the ANNOUNCE channel of Linux-activists and you're set.

To join this channel, send mail to

With the line
        X-Mn-Admin: join ANNOUNCE

at the top (not in the subject). Right, Arl? :)

Feel free to send me any questions/comments.



  "It's a Katana, ya Midwestern Computer Geek." --Tom Payne

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