(fwd) WWW: 3DFX Developers Area for Linux Users

(fwd) WWW: 3DFX Developers Area for Linux Users

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If you have a 3DFX accelerator card in your machine and are interested in
developing software for it (or just curious) then I've opened a developer
site (and hopefully a central location for) 3DFX applications/games under

The site is not finished yet, but I value your comments and suggestions.


If you have any documentation/how-to's/programs/demos/examples/etc then
feel free to post them to the archive's by attaching them to an e-mail and
sending them to:

If you are saying "What's a 3DFX?", then I ask you to view a few sites -
www.3dfx.com, www.orchid.com, www.diamond.com. Look for "Voodoo",
"Righteous 3d" and "Monster 3D" respectively. When you decide to buy a
card, have a look at the site, download the development kit and start
coding :)

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