xcolorsel(was xpalette) uploaded to ftp.x.org, tsx-11 and sunsite

xcolorsel(was xpalette) uploaded to ftp.x.org, tsx-11 and sunsite

Post by Michael Well » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 19:53:06

xcolorsel is actually only a new release of xpalette. However I was asked
to change it's name to change confusion with other xpalette's. Apart from
the name change a few compile time options were added, xcolorsel compiles
now out of the box on X11R5 and X11R6. And support for readonly colormaps,
that is TrueColor, DirectColor, StaticGrey and such was added.

xcolorsel displays the contents of your rgb.txt file (or other file of that
format) in a window together with an example tile of each color. Also
the numbers defining the color in any color space supported by X11R5/6
are displayed. You can try interesting fore- background color combos in
xcolorsel as well or of course copy and paste either color names or
values in formats suitable for C-Source or X-Resources. This is pretty
useful to find nice colors for your own desktop customization. It is also
possible to pick a color from any window on the screen and search similar
colors in the list of colors. This lets you find a name for a similar color.
(Apart from displaying the numbers defining the color in any colorspace
you like)

For the sake of completeness there is a lsm file as well:

Title        = Xcolorsel, a rgb.txt color display X-tool
Version      = 1.1
Desc1        = Xcolorsel displays colors defined in rgb.txt on the
Desc2        = Xserver as an example colortile and in all X-supported
Desc3        = color spaces. You can also search colors used in
Desc4        = other applications and select color definitions
Desc5        = to paste into your sources.
Author       = Michael Weller

Maintainer   = Michael Weller

Site1        = ftp.x.org
Path1        = /contrib/utilities
File1        = xcolorsel-1.1-src.tar.gz
FileSize1    = 68K
Site2        = tsx-11.mit.edu
Path2        = pub/linux/sources/usr.bin.X11
File2        = xcolorsel-1.1.tar.gz
FileSize2    = 86K
Site3        = sunsite.unc.edu
Path3        = pub/Linux/X11/xutils
File3        = xcolorsel-1.1.tar.gz
FileSize3    = 86K
Required1    = Any X11R5 or R6 and ANSI-C should be sufficient. However a
Required2    = linux binary for Xfree86-3.1 and libc4.5.26 is included.
CopyPolicy1  = GNU Public License
Keywords     = X11, Xaw, colors, rgb, rgb.txt, tools
Comment1     = This program replaces xpalette-1.0a or xpalette.tar.gz. The
Comment2     = name was changed to avoid confusion with the many other
Comment3     = xpalette utilities.
Entered      = 13NOV94
EnteredBy    = Michael Weller



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1. at-2.6 uploaded to tsx-11 and sunsite


I've just uploaded version 2.6 of my at(1) package for running commands
at a certain time to tsx-11 and sunsite.  This version fixes a one - day
offset bug in certain dates and offers some better configuration.

Here's the lsm entry to tell you about it:

Title        = at
Version      = at-2.6
Desc1        = At is an implementation of at(1) for running commands at
Desc2        = a specified time.  It now features times such as
Desc3        = at now + 10 minutes or at tomorrow 3:00 pm.
Author       = Thomas Koenig

Maintainer   = Thomas Koenig

Site1        = tsx-11.mit.edu
Path1        = /pub/linux/sources/usr.bin/
File1        = at-2.6.tgz
FileSize1    = 25989
Site2        = sunsite.unc.edu
Path2        = /pub/Linux/system/Daemons
File2        = at-2.6.tgz
FileSize2    = 25989
Required1    = crond
CopyPolicy1  = GNU Copyleft

Comment2     = routines for 2.0; many thanks to him!
Entered      = 28FEB94
EnteredBy    = Thomas Koenig

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